Spy In The Wild: New BBC Series Uses Animal Robots To Film Secret Lives Of Animals

Spy in the Wild uses camouflaged cameras to capture not-yet-seen footage of wildlife

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Over the years, sir David Attenborough and his team have been beguiling viewers with their preternatural and unusual documentation of the wildlife. But the BBC, next year, will take it to a new level, as it introduces 34 realistic animatronic spy creatures to go undercover in the animal world.

The series is named ‘Spy In The Wild’, which is BBC’s first major natural history series since Planet Earth II. The footage that makes up the five-part series was captured in a very different way than Planet Earth II, as you will come to know shortly.

An animatronic baby langur monkey meets its new companionSource: telegraph

The series which will be broadcasted on BBC one on 12th January will use 34 remote-controlled robotic animals, each concealing miniature cameras. These remote-controlled robotic animals will include an adult Orangutan, which is the most expensive among all others, waterpoof newly hatched-crocodiles, a wild dog puppy, a baby langur monkey, a penguin released in antarctica, a fully-grown tortoise and many more.

All these different robot animals will be sent to live among the real things, with fully-working skeletons built bone by bone, a realistic muscle structure and an exterior created painstakingly by artists.

A wild dog pup is designed to make a submissive bow, before adults accept it into the packSource: telegraph

The programme-makers captured footage they say is among some of the most intriguing and revealing to date, showing a range of animal behaviours. Grouped into themes, each episode will explore how animals display love, intelligence, misbehaviour and friendship across species or, as one programme-maker described the latter, ‘whether the Lion King could be true’.

Source: theguardian

Source: theguardian

Some of the animals were a little too realisticSource: telegraph

Title image: mogaznews

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