Need A Quiet Weekend ‘stead Of Partying? Watch These 10 Fantasy Movies To Relax

Animation and VFX have now made magic more magical, which we missed in our childhood days. Watch these fiction movies this weekend which carry a message.

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Animation and VFX have now made magic more magical, which we missed in our childhood days. But age is just a number and you never grow too old to watch fairytales and enjoy the fantasy world! Watch these fiction movies this weekend which carry a message for children but will intrigue adults just the same.  

1. Up

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You are ready to go to any lengths if you love that person unconditionally. Mr. Fredricksen and Russell set out for an endless journey flying in the most unconventional way meeting some unusual and scary people on the way.

2. Brave

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The movie portrays a strong mother–daughter bond and how they overcome difficulties when they embark upon a treacherous path in the forest. The happy end will leave you teary eyed and make you wanna hug your mom.

3. Frozen 1 and 2


“Some things are worth melting for!” It is a beautiful tale of two sisters, two princesses and their tryst with love, fantasy and destiny. Two hours of smiles and tears.

4. Maleficient


Source: gizmodo

Watch it for Angelina Jolie. Watch it to know Sleeping Beauty Aurora’s secret. Watch it for excellent script and story. Watch it for the special effects and VFX. Watch it because it is totally worth it.

5. Tangled

Source: bigbangfish

This revised version of Rapunzel is touching and funny in its own way as the beautiful story of a princess, her ‘not’ a prince hero and their journey unfolds.

6. Inside out

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This Oscar winning animation is total delight, so funny that you will end up holding your stomach by the end. Must watch!

7. The Jungle Book

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You must have caught it in the theatres recently but if not do not miss this one because it is one of the finest works of Disney till date and also cause Mowgli has been our Indian favourite since childhood, no?

8. Oz The Great and Powerful


Source: derekwinnert

Magic intrigues both the young and old. It’s fun to watch James Franco pull up silly tricks and save the people of Oz from that wicked witch.

9. Alice in Wonderland


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It is probably raining outside so you can curl up into a corner with your laptop and hot cup of tea and join the Mad hatter’s Tea party to accompany Alice in her adventures.

10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


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Now this one is old, very old but you never get tired of watching Johny Depp now, do you? The delicious licorice roll roads, gooey gum ball trees and the chocolate river was a treat to watch ten years ago and will be just as tasty today.

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