The Winning Photos Of NatGeo Kids Photography Contest Are Breathtaking!

National Geographic recently announced winners from among 46,000 entries from over the world.

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National Geographic recently announced the results for their 2016 International Photography Contest for children. Children aged 6-14 from around the world sent in their entries, a total of 46,000. Of these, 11-year-old Dewi Baggerman won the first place for her striking photograph of tulips taken at an unusual angle.

Here are some more stunning picks from among the winning entries:

Kate Anderson, Age 12, US

Maj Kastelic, Age 13, Slovenia

Alexia Saigh, Age 14, US

Jennifer Koumbatis, Age 10, Netherlands

Pan Yinzhi, Age 13, China

David Hopkins, Age 13, US

Sanya Jain, Age 12, India

Josephine Goldman, Age 13, US

Frey Youssef, Age 12, US

Devananda Hardi, Age 7, Indonesia

All images sourced from twistedsifter and natgeo.

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