Nagaland Cricket Team All Out For Just 2 Runs, Opponents Win On 1st Delivery

Earlier this month, in the same tournament, an astonishing 136 wides were bowled in a match.

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Taking into account all the unusual scoreboards in cricket history, this one innings certainly stands out.

In a match, conducted by BCCI, in the U-19 Women One Day League, the Nagaland team collapsed for just 2 runs in 17 overs while playing against Kerala at the JKC college ground, Guntur. Moreover, out of those 2 runs, one run came in extra.

 Source: bcci

Choosing to bat first after winning the toss, the Nagaland team were all out for just 2 runs with as many as nine batters getting out for a duck. Only one run was scored off the bat, while the other came in as an extra after a wide delivery was bowled by Kerala’s opening bowler.

In response, the Kerala U-19 team achieved the target in just one delivery with 10 wickets in hand and 299 balls to spare. Kerala knocked off the target of 3 runs and defeated Nagaland in just one ball after Nagaland’s opening bowler started the innings with a wide. One of the openers then smashed the first legal delivery for a boundary.

 Source: bcci

Earlier this month, in the same tournament, an astonishing 136 wides were bowled in a match between Nagaland and Manipur. The match saw Manipur bowling 94 wide balls, while Nagaland was slightly better with 42.

Click here to see the entire scorecard.

Information source: The Indian Express

Title image: bcci

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