Bad Cop, Bad Cop: 6 Must-Watch Buddy Comedies from Hollywood

We’ve put together some of our Hollywood favourites for your lazy afternoons together with friends before summer is over!

1. Dumb & Dumber, Lethal Weapon, Shrek, The Stag, Rush Hour, Up, The Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Buddy Comedies from Hollywood

The Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe starrer The Nice Guys releases this week and we must say the trailers look promising. It has been doing quite a brisk business in the US and we hope it gets past our Censor Board without serious injury. The buddy comedy film genre has been around since forever and has to its credit some memorable flicks. We’ve put together some of our Hollywood favourites for your lazy afternoons together with friends before summer is over!

1. Dumb & Dumber

This 1994 cult classic starring the inimitable Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels is about two good-natured simpletons who find themselves in a hilarious mess over a briefcase of money. Watch it for Carrey’s weirdly annoying yet lovable antics and a pleasantly surprising portrayal of Harry Dunne by Daniels.

2. Lethal Weapon

The 1987 cop action film with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as ill-matched officers in the Los Angeles Police Department, has been an influencer for many other cop flicks like Tango & Cash and Bad Boys. It was hailed for its meticulously choreographed stunts and authentic depiction of the LAPD. The screenplay was written by Shane Black, who has also wielded the megaphone for The Nice Guys.

3. Shrek

DreamWorks Animation’s answer to Pixar with the voice talents of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, Shrek also took a dig at Disney classics in this journey of Shrek, the green ogre who becomes an unlikely hero to Princess Fiona. Along with the friendly Donkey, this duo grudgingly sets out on quest to rescue the Princess, making friends and shattering stereotypes on the way!

4. The Stag

Released in the US as The Bachelor Weekend, The Stag is the story of Fionnan (Hugh O'Connor), a groom-to-be whose bachelor camping trip in the Irish outdoors leads to many surprising revelations. The lighthearted Irish comedy also stars the talented Andrew Scott and Peter McDonald, and is quite a refreshing take on male bonding and relationships.

5. Rush Hour

An out-and-out riotous cop comedy, this 1998 film stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Another pair of mismatched detectives, Chan and Tucker’s characters find themselves in LA, in a mission to rescue the Chinese Consul’s daughter. Jackie Chan’s entertaining action sequences and Chris Tucker’s comic act make the film truly enjoyable. Added bonus? Its wildly popular soundtrack!

6. Up

A 2009 Disney-Pixar release, Up is a 3D computer animated adventure film. It follows the quest of an elderly Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) and an eager-to-help Wilderness Explorer Russell (Jordan Nagai), as they find themselves together in Carl’s airborne house which he propels to South America to fulfill a promise to his dead wife, Ellie. The story of Carl and Russell’s unlikely friendship is heartwarming and comical in equal parts, and the film itself is a visual treat.

So fetch the popcorn and laugh your way through these buddy flicks! 

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