Muslimfest Acquires Much More Importance In Today’s Times Of Islamophobia

Muslimfest, as told on its official website, “celebrates the best in Muslim arts and entertainment.The event features over 50 local and international artists.

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Donald Trump is now synonymous with Muslim-hater. With his support base still quite large, he has brought Islamophobia into the mainstream politics with his numerous speeches and outrageous tweets. Even since the rise of ISIS, there has been an upsurge of negative reaction towards Muslims and this is precisely why we need events like the Muslimfest.

Muslimfest, as told on its official website, “celebrates the best in Muslim arts and entertainment. The event features over 50 local and international artists who showcase their talent in various areas. Concerts featuring popular Muslim artists, comedy shows, a multicultural bazaar, and a kids carnival constitute some of the fun things one can expect at MuslimFest.” We desperately need more of these

Source: Youtube

This festival happens annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and celebrates the best in Muslim culture. It shows that there is also a bright side and it where we ought to focus. This festival was launched in 2004 with a joint initiative from Dawanet, Young Muslims Canada and Sound Vision that brought together talented professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, etc.

This year too the event is scheduled to take place on 27th and 28th of August and welcomes everyone to the same to have a great time and learn some incredible things about the Muslim culture.

Here are some pictures from the last year's event:

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Source: Umarshahzad

Source: Vimeo

Title image: Arabsintoronto

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