Teenager Boy Ends Life After Being Raped By Four Men

The 13-year-old swallowed rat poison along with his 10-year-old friend died at a hospital following multiple organ failures.

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A 13-year-old ended his life by consuming rat poison, days after he was sodomised. Now along with this case, the police is also investigating the death of his 10-year-old friend and classmate who died the same night the teenager attempted suicide.

According to the reports in Times Of India, before dying the boy named a person called Zahid as one of the four men who assaulted him.

The 13-year-old was a Class Vlll student who was admitted to Sion hospital in Mumbai in a critical condition on the night of July 12 after he consumed rat poison. Later, he was moved to the intensive care unit of the KEM hospital on July 20. The poison led to the failure of the liver and he had been on life support for a few days.

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According to some media reports, the 10-year-old Class V student who had died on the same day was buried by his parents without lodging any police complaint. They also refused for a post-mortem and denied that he had been assaulted.

With the permission of an executive magistrate to find out the exact cause of death of the 10-year-old and if he had been raped as well, the police have exhumed the body. The body was then sent to J J Hospital on Tuesday where the doctors who carried out the post-mortem, told TOI, "The body has decomposed, so it may be challenging to find signs of sexual assault. But we will try our best to gather evidence".

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In the case of the older boy KEM Hospital’s doctors said, "In cases where the liver has completely failed, the kidney is the next casualty. His kidneys were affected too. He was already on life support. On Tuesday morning, his blood pressure dropped drastically".

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the case.

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