Mumbai’s BMC To Come With Three-Storey Public Toilets, Very Soon!

An investmest of 376cr will go into this toilet project.

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Ever since PM Modi has spread the awareness of Swachh Bharat Shauchalaya Yojana, all the cities of India seem to have got slammed with a responsibility to make their city outstand in terms of hygiene.

Mumbai has now joined the race and has now planned to construct two to three-storey public toilets across the city.

The seriousness of constructing public toilets triggered Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) when the report of Maharashtra government placed Mumbai’s civic body in bottom five municipal corporations in terms of construction of toilets.

Source: forbes

The target set by BMC is to construct 18, 818 toilets seats across the city by the year of 2018.

Mumbai being a cramped and cluttered city, the difficulty faced by the civic body was to find an adequate amount of land. But for now, the city has some ground plus one-storey toilets in the city’s slums.

Out of the total, 3,044 will be newly constructed toilets while rest of them will get be refurbished.

The total cost of the construction is estimated to be Rs 3676 crore and the work will begin in January.

Watch the video for more information: 

Information source: hindustantimes

Title image: localpress, pixabay

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