Muhammad Ali Once Saved A Man's Life By Dissuading Him To Jump Off Bridge

According to CBS News, the suicidal man was shouting: "I'm no good, I'm going to jump."

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Muhammad Ali.

The name itself speaks volumes about the heavyweight boxing champ. The legend did not just leave many of us inspired by his boxing accomplishments but also his philosophies of life.

While most of us remember that his real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. or even for his quote 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' or even that his actual birthday is today, not many know he save da man from jumping off a ledge.

Ali spotted a man who was suicidal and was about to take an extreme step. Back in early 1980 when Ali was hanging out with his friends in LA, he heard a man screaming.

As reported by the CBS News, the man was heard yelling: "I'm no good, I'm going to jump."

Muhammad rushed atop to the ninth floor and volunteered to rescue the man. He said: "I'm your brother, I want to help you".

The man at the ledge recognised Ali and stepped inwards. Within minutes he started crying.

Although it was never known what was spoken between the two in those twenty minutes that they spent over the ledge, but we sure know the man did not jump off.


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Ali had a glorious career of 21 years where he won 56 fights and lost five of them. Even after his death, he is remembered as fondly as ever.

Muhammad Ali started boxing when one day he walked into the police booth of Joe Martin, a policeman, to register a case of his bike being stolen. Martin, who was a gym owner was a good Samaritan who gave advise to homeless kids. That’s when 12 YO Ali was advised to take up boxing.

"The sights and the sounds and the smell of the boxing gym excited me so much that I almost forgot about the bike," Ali remembered in a mid-1970s autobiography.

"There were about 10 boxers, some hitting the speed bag, some in the ring sparring, some jumping rope. I stood there, smelling the sweat and the rubbing alcohol, and a feeling of awe came over me."

Information source: ladbible

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