Much More Than "Aww"! Thoughts Every Girl From A Girls' College Will Relate To

Dedicated to all Girls,Specially to those who follows Aww style.It's a bet you will find your similarity in at least one of these.

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Some consider you aliens, some consider you motherly, some boyfriends think the best gift for these girls might be a teddy and pink roses! Well, we have our own world of secrets. Here are some thoughts which every girl going to an all-girls' college will relate to:

1. You have no motivation to attend college everyday

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Since you lack the blessings of eye candy, home and T.V. offer you much more comfort!

2. You better have explanations for your friendship with your male friends

Source: happenstance

When you study in a girls' college, thumb rule is, you must not have male friends. Duhh!

3. You have a squad with serious squad goals

Source: tenor

Fashion goals, fashion policing, sophisticated hangout places and eyes with dark kohl- all the things on your squad goal lists!

4. Since, you have no other options…

Source: makeagif end up linking your friends with other girls! #burnsunit

5. You become adopted daughters of your localite girl pals

Source: tumblr

You need food? A little mommie love? You get adopted by your friend's family. With this relation comes attendance to every festive meet at her place.

6. It is easy to escape for a night-out!

Source: news18

Convincing parents becomes a cakewalk as there is no scope for doubtful interrogations!

7. They stereotype you as a Feminazi!

Source: news18

Yes we pay the bills, we deal with technical details, we might hate pink and we do carry our own luggage but that does not make us a Feminazi, so please get a life!


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