Movie Trilogies That Everyone Should Binge Watch This Summer

A Hindi saying suggests that anything productive that comes in groups of three usually ends up creating a mess.These amazing flicks have been released.

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A Hindi saying suggests that anything productive that comes in groups of three usually ends up creating a mess.There may be some merits to that ancient proverb, yet some movies have proved it wrong.These amazing flicks have been released in the trilogy format and each proved to gain more success than its predecessor. Spawning some trilogies that are a must-see for every living soul.


The Lord Of The Rings

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First of its kind and considered as the greatest trilogy in the Fantasy genre, Lord Of The Rings gave birth to a genre that became the source for another true gem of the century: Game of Thrones. The LOTR trilogy not only won the hearts of fans and readers but it was also hailed as a movie series that was way ahead of its time. 8.8 on IMDB and on Rotten Tomatoes upvoted by 96%.


The Hobbit


The story of Bilbo Baggins and a prequel into the LOTR universe, The Hobbit trilogy takes a different approach to the story and unveils an adventure that made Bilbo Baggins Middle Earth’s most respected hobbit and a living legend. Take a ride into the world of Hobbits and relive the battle of Middle Earth once again. IMDB rating of this amazing trilogy averages at 7.7 and on Rotten tomatoes it averages around 65%. Not anywhere close to the Lord Of The Rings yet it's a must watch trilogy.


The Matrix Trilogy


If cool glasses, mind blowing action and fight sequence are your thing then The Matrix is going to instantly become the center of your world as you will find yourself becoming lost in the world ruled by robots and AI while humans serve as slaves. Watch the enthralling journey of Neo from being a nobody to becoming the only hope for the continued existence of humanity. IMDB rating is around 7 and on rotten tomatoes it's rated as 65% average up votes.


Iron Man


The Man in the Iron clad suit has a dedicated trilogy and you need to check it out if you wish to see the life of Captain Egomaniac who does as he pleases and doesn't give a damn about what follows. Hope on with the eccentric billionaire of the marvel universe who has zero packs and yet packs a lot of punch. IMDB rating of this series averages around 7.5  and in Rotten Tomatoes it stands at whooping 85% upvoted..


Spider Man

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Spiderman Trilogy is one that we all grew up with. Till date this movie series has been the only successful adaptation of the Spider hero and we are so proud that a true geek like Sam Raimi got the chance to direct a perfect movie around marvel’s greatest superhero. If you love spider man then you have got to binge watch this asap. IMDB rating this web slinger has averaged around 7  and upvoted by 85% people on rotten tomatoes.


Ocean Series


Guns, money, heist, mind games, hot women, casinos and much more. All of these can be found in one mind blasting action packed trilogy of a band of thieves who call themselves Ocean's Eleven. Starring George Clooney Brad Pitt… do we need to say more? IMDB rating is 6.5 and in rotten tomatoes is 70% up votes.


The Dark Knight Trilogy

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How many tried to take him down and how many failed, as he is the dark knight and he always prevails. The trilogy of the decade that redefined the way we looked at the dark knight of the DC universe. Christian Bale portrayed the role of the Caped crusader in the Masterpiece trilogy written and directed by the genius himself: Christopher Nolan.


Captain America

Captain America, first of his kind and the true first avenger of the marvel universe.Unlike comic books and popular TV shows, captain america only was seen as a less appealing character but was elevated to the status of a demigod with the movies. Its trilogy gracefully showcases the origin story of the star spangled warrior and with the addition of each sequel the series grows bigger and bigger. The addition of the latest Civil War makes this trilogy truly epic- each movie proving to be better than the previous one. IMDB rating averages about 7.5 and on rotten Tomatoes  at 85% up votes.


Star Wars

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The original trilogy or the prequels or the upcoming new generation of the star wars; if it says star wars then we tell you it is all worth it. Do not listen to the haters and ignore who tells you other wise. Star Wars started a whole new trend of its own and spawned a franchise that has one the biggest and most loyal hardcore fan base. IMDB rating averages around 7 and rotten tomatoes suggests that they are also big fans of this franchise.


Bourne Series


Never heard of these, or yet to watch? Then my friends stop living under the rock and get your groove on. Bourne series is the absolute best when it comes to spy games, suspense thrillers and kickass action. It exceeds expectations on all those things and more. IMDB ratings for this one is 7.5 and it has been upvoted by 88% of people.


Blade Trilogy


Blade stars Wesley Snipes as the most toughest vampire hunter of Marvel universe. Blade is all round badass, he is part vampire and part human but that doesn’t stop him from brutally murdering vampires. He is blade and he simply hates vampires. He is a deadly assassin  Armed with guns, strength, knowledge and power, with him around no vampire can ever survive.  IMDB rating around 6.5.


Pirates Of The Caribbean


Captain Jack Sparrow is a careless sod who drinks all the rum he can find and roams the seven sea as an outlaw. Never caring about what people would think or say, this genius crook does what his heart and magic compass says. Follow this movie series and we bet you will be checking out the trilogy in repeat. This series has legendary creatures, curses, silly men and extremely gorgeous women. If that doesn’t get you hooked, we don’t know what will! IMDB rating 7.5 with 60% upvotes in Rotten tomatoes.

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