Three-Year-Old's Mom Found A Unique Way To Teach Her Daughter That Women Are Fighters!

Scout's mother found a novel way to keep it strong during hard times and teach her daughter about #Girlpower.

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Scout, a three year old kid was as scared, as kids her age would be, after seeing her Granny battle cancer. The regular hospital visits, the hair fall and the chemo took a toll on the morale of baby Scout as well as other family members. 

But Scout's mom wanted her to learn that women can fight through battles with a smile and she did it in her own creative way.

The idea was to dress up Scout like her and her Granny's favourite characters from Hollywood and Disney, who they saw as strong women. This shoot stretched throughout Granny's 6 month of chemo. The results are beyond the scales of all cuteness:

You Go Granny!

 Magic, Might and Moana

 Power also wears a Prada

 Grace and Girlpower

 Strength also has a Magic Wand 

 More Girlpower

 Princess Power to rule the Empire


Title Image source: boredpanda

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