This Mother's Breastfeeding Pictures While Performing Yoga Are Creating An Uproar!

Benear is receiving accolades as well as flak for being brazen.

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A new mom on the block is creating ripples and how!

This mum is posting pictures of her breastfeeding her baby while performing yoga on Instagram. She is also leaving people jaw-dropped with her act.

Carlee Benear, a 30-year-old yogini says she took up Yoga after she gave birth to her second child as a mechanism to fight against postpartum depression.

While speaking to Unilad, Benear got candid:

“Having a healthy monthly cycle is a blessing that not all women have. Celebrating life includes the moon cycle! Getting time to practice alone is hard to come by with three kids in the house who all have a yoga journey of their own, and I love including them because yoga teaches the best lessons of life. This is the blood they came from and after birthing them into my husband’s hands, we all have a great appreciation for it. Having my son come find me first thing in the morning to give me a loving embrace as he missed me while he slept is never going to be shunned in my house.”

She continued:

“Having his sister learn from this love and mimic it is priceless. I take time each cycle to be grateful that I can bleed and I incorporate it into my yoga practice to honour all of the women who have it and those that can not. I wish more women could find love for this monthly cycle of life too. I share these precious moments of raw motherhood because other mother can relate. Whether it be never using the restroom alone, or not taking time to get dressed because We dedicate our all to our kids, we need to empower each other daily.”

Benear stressed on the fact that it is ‘easy to forget how fortunate we are when the stresses of life come up, and we need to remind ourselves that this is how life is, beautiful and full in every moment’.

Ask her if the comments on her post deter her, she calmly says that the people who leave negative comments are ‘releasing temporary stress’ and think ‘a screen makes them invisible and their words acceptable’.

For those of you who are still comprehending the two acts with such finesse, well, watch out some of Carlee’s videos of how she gets her balance just about right.

Carlee gives us an upfront account of how breastfeeding yoga lets her put time towards a natural and necessary process and in return receive some self-love and plenty of me-time.

She adds:

“Yoga has helped me dive into motherhood and become the mother I always dreamed of, it gave my children the mother they need. One who is loving , supportive and can react with patience- and in turn they are being brought up in a home that they can feel accepted and learn to accept others. No one should be ashamed of feeding their children or teaching their children however they feel called to. Society has taught us to just hand over our children and let the world sculpt them, we are losing our connections in families by this view and missing out on many opportunities to not only teach our own kids , but learn from them.”

Carlee urges people to go ahead and do all things that make them happy without having to think what the world would think of them because ‘acceptance is what makes this human experience so beautiful’.

Well said!

Some of the controversial yet beautiful photos of Carlee: 



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Leggings by @lovekikikins Day 7 of #dontbullymyasana is #malasana This pose always takes me to this poem.... Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.  I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size  But when I start to tell them,  They think I'm telling lies.  I say,  It's in the reach of my arms  The span of my hips,  The stride of my step,  The curl of my lips.  I'm a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That's me. I walk into a room  Just as cool as you please,  And to a man,  The fellows stand or  Fall down on their knees.  Then they swarm around me,  A hive of honey bees.  I say,  It's the fire in my eyes,  And the flash of my teeth,  The swing in my waist,  And the joy in my feet.  I'm a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That's me. Men themselves have wondered  What they see in me.  They try so much  But they can't touch  My inner mystery.  When I try to show them  They say they still can't see.  I say,  It's in the arch of my back,  The sun of my smile,  The ride of my breasts,  The grace of my style.  I'm a woman Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That's me. Now you understand  Just why my head's not bowed.  I don't shout or jump about  Or have to talk real loud.  When you see me passing  It ought to make you proud.  I say,  It's in the click of my heels,  The bend of my hair,  the palm of my hand,  The need of my care, 'Cause I'm a woman  Phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman,  That's me. by Maya Angelou ✌️Hosts✌️ @kaddiejack @myndfulyoga @hugatr33 @carleebyoga @davjonesyoga ???? _____________________________________________________ ????Sponsors???? @niyama_sports @yogi.suprise @aquaburns @sprucenaturals @ohmmeapparal @aunaturalecosmetics @mamakuka @confusedgirlleggings @freskincare

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Too old for skin to skin?! Holding them too much?! Never. All you new moms and dads out there can breathe a giant sigh of relief and ignore everything you’ve ever heard about “spoiling” a baby with attention and cuddles. There is just no way to hold a baby too much. Really and truly. No freaking way. A mother's touch enhances attachment between mother and child; it can signify security and, depending on the type of touch, it can generate positive or negative emotions. (Playing pat-a-cake makes babies happy, while a sudden squeeze from Mom often signals a warning not to interact with a new object).We begin receiving tactile signals even before birth, as the vibration of our mother's heartbeat is amplified by amniotic fluid. No wonder then that touch plays a critical role in parent-child relationships from the start. It's an essential channel of communication. In the first two years, babies rely on a strong bond with their mothers for healthy brain development. The development of cerebral circuits depends on it because 80 percent of brain cells grow in the first two years of life, problems in that development can affect people for the rest of their lives. Hold them tight, grow the hippocampus (a key brain structure that is essential to learning, memory and response to stress) and know that showering your baby with love and affection has zero negative consequences and is 100 percent beneficial. Newborns grow faster and have more improved mental and motor skill development. Children raised with more physical interaction tended to be less aggressive and violent. Partners who cuddle have been shown to have lower stress levels ,blood pressure and improved immune function. Elderly people who receive the soothing, affirming experience of touch have been shown to better handle the process of aging and passing with dignity. So the next time someone ridicules you for "ruining" your children , look them in the eye, give them attention, smile at them, and show them physical affection, chances are they'll feel better about it. Leggings by #flexilexigirls @flexilexi_fitness

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Welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind Tethered to another and you’re worried all the time You always knew the melody but you never heard it rhyme She’s fair and she is quiet Lord, she doesn’t look like me She made me love the morning she’s a holiday at sea The New York streets are as busy as they always used to be But I am the mother of Maramaylee. The first things that she took from me were selfishness and sleep She broke a thousand heirlooms I was never meant to keep She filled my life with color, cancelled plans and trashed my car But none of that is ever who we are. Outside of my windows are the mountains and the snow I hold you while you’re sleeping and I wish that I could go All my rowdy friends are out accomplishing their dreams But I am the mother of Maramaylee They’ve still got their morning paper and their coffee and their time They still enjoy their evenings with the skeptics and their wine Oh but all the wonders I have seen I will see a second time From inside of the ages through your eyes You were not an accident where no one thought it through The world has stood against us, made us mean to fight for you And when we chose your name we knew that you’d fight the power, too. You’re nothing short of magical and beautiful to me I would never hit the big time without you So they can keep their treasure and their ties to the machine Cause I am the mother of Maramaylee. They can keep their treasure and their ties to the machine Cause I am the mother of Maramaylee. THE MOTHER, BY BRANDI CARLILE (EDITED WITH ,MARAMAYLEE, INSTEAD OF, EVANGELINE) Leggings by @lovekikikins Nursing bra by @bravadodesigns Dreads by @KATINKA_DREADS Leggings by @cutebootylounge

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We’re raising women to be sexually dysfunctional, with all the ‘no’ messages we’re giving them about diseases and shame and fear. And then as soon as they’re eighteen they’re supposed to be sexual rock stars, multiorgasmic and totally uninhibited. It doesn’t make any sense. None of the things we do in our society prepares women for that. Emily Nagoski, Come as You Are Did your parents talk to you about sex? What did they say? What did/do you say to your kids? My husband and I were listening to Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski last night, and I asked him ,"Did your parents talk to you about sex?"...."No, did yours?".."No.." I had no idea in reading this book that there was so much I didn't know about my body, sex and my own self shaming. I highly recommend it ????

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SHE is often the broken-winged one, who does everything all wrong until people realize she's been doing it... pretty right all along. She's the poor girl who never dressed right, who had torn hose, and they were all baggy around her ankles. She's the Raggedy Ann of the sophisticated world, who pulls it out at the last minute, flies by the seat of her pants, cackling all the way home. She is the late bloomer, the late start, the autumn bush, the winter holly. She is Baubo, all the classical Greek goddesses. She is the old girl who still blushes, and laughs, and dances. She's the truth teller, maybe that people hate to hear, but they learn to listen to. She is not dumb and in some ways is not shrewd. She works on passion, and the doll in her pocket, and the intuition that leads her into and through all the world. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

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What if you were raised by the mice people? But what if you're, say, a swan. Swans and mice hate each other's food for the most part. They each think the other smells funny. They are not interested in spending time together, and if they did, one would be constantly harassing the other. But what if you, being a swan, had to pretend you were a mouse? What if you had to pretend to be gray and furry and tiny? What you had no long snaky tail to carry in the air on tail-carrying day? What if wherever you went you tried to walk like a mouse, but you waddled instead? What if you tried to talk like a mouse, but insteade out came a honk every time? Wouldn't you be the most miserable creature in the world? The answer is an inequivocal yes. So why, if this is all so and too true, do women keep trying to bend and fold themselves into shapes that are not theirs? I must say, from years of clinical observation of this problem, that most of the time it is not because of deep-seated masochism or a malignant dedication to self-destruction or anything of that nature. More often it is because the woman simply doesn't know any better. She is unmothered. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves Leggings by @cutebootylounge Cork mat by @ilovegurus Nursing bra by @sweatandmilk

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I CAN DO IT ALL.. And why I shouldn't. _____________________________________________ That's what we all aspire to be as mothers, the super human. This week I dove a bit more into my journey of 'Why is it so hard to ask for help/accept help" and let me say, it was a week of raw difficult discovery. Discovering that I can't, in fact, do it all. How did I come to realize this? Well, my husband (with the outer perspective and opposite mindset) pointed it out. He broke it down in an easy to digest ,but blatant truth: "You do so much research on how to be a good parent, but lately you've been the greatest example of what not to do, and it's actually helped me become more conscious of how I am around our kids too. You love to be a good wife. You love to be a good mother. You love to keep a good house. You love to give love. You love to love yourself. There is only one thing wrong with that list; what's last NEEDS to be first. Without YOU nothing else can fall into place, so if you are constantly sacrificing yourself and your needs for your family, they can never be all they can be because the YOU in you is absent. Do you notice that when I need time I put my earphones in and go upstairs or shut myself in my office? You showed me that I HAVE to steal that time for myself if I want to be the best me. You've showed many people that. But, you still can't do it for yourself. Who cares if the sink is full of dishes, who cares about over-flowing laundry if it's going to make you any less you than everyone suffers. A man's mind isn't as obvious as you want it to be. I think about safety, money, food; not whether that towel on the floor needs to be put in the dirty clothes or not. And it's not because it's your responsibility to do those things, it's mine too, but it's not the way my mind is programmed and I WANT you to ask me for help, but what I need to do to help you isn't as obvious as it seems to you, to me." I am a walking , talking example of what we know isn't always what we do. I get stuck and stressed out fighting a fight within myself instead of vocalizing for fear that I will hurt others with my words- as if my action don't speak ????

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PHOTO by @realteelphoto Day 8 of #anatomyofselflove INFORMATION POST Dalai Lama: "I believe that if we stop to think, it is clear that our very survival, even today, depends upon the acts and kindness of so many people. Right from the moment of our birth, we are under the care and kindness of our parents; later in life, when facing the sufferings of disease and old age, we are again dependent on the kindness of others." To receive kindness does us good. Think of a time someone has been kind to you, in a big or a small way: A passerby gave your directions to reach the station or a stranger threw herself in a river to save you from drowning. What effect did it have on you? Probably a beneficial one, because if someone helps us when we need it, we feel relief. And everyone likes to be heard, treated with warmth and friendliness, understood, and nourished. Something similar happens on the other side of the equation: Giving kindness does us as much good as receiving it. . . .  The true benefit of kindness is being kind. Perhaps more than any other factor, kindness gives meaning and value to our life, raises us above our troubles and our battles, and makes us feel good about ourselves. Love is as critical for your mind and body as oxygen. It's not negotiable. The more connected you are, the healthier you will be both physically and emotionally. The less connected you are, the more you are at risk. It is also true that the less love you have, the more depression you are likely to experience in your life. Love is probably the best antidepressant there is because one of the most common sources of depression is feeling unloved. Most depressed people don't love themselves and they do not feel loved by others. They also are very self-focused, making them less attractive to others and depriving them of opportunities to learn the skills of love. There is a mythology in our culture that love just happens. As a result, the depressed often sit around passively waiting for someone to love them. But love doesn't work that way. To get love and keep love you have to go out and be active and learn a variety of specific skills. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

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PHOTO BY @REALTEELPHOTO My yoga journey started after the birth of my second child. I wasn't willing to go through postpartum depression again, so I actively committed to the journey within. My kids are always around me and my two boys started their journey along with me. When we found out we were expecting again, we celebrated the creation of life together as my daughter grew inside my womb. Yoga has helped me dive into motherhood and become the mother I always dreamed of, it gave my children the mother they need. One who is loving , supportive and can react with patience- and in turn they are being brought up in a home that they can feel accepted and learn to accept others. They learn how BIG the heart is everyday and how much love it holds for all things. When their sister entered the world, that same aspects applied to her. Life as a mother has it's stresses , but yoga helps us all reconnect to what is really the must do's of everyday life. To Love and be loved. Bringing her to our practice of embracing life was the natural choice. They grow up learning to be limitless. As far as breastfeeding yoga goes, anyone who has breastfed knows that it is a 24/7 dedication. I believe as parents it is our duty to make that time for our self because we can not pour from an empty cup. Breastfeeding yoga has helped me combat postpartum depression and has made my breastfeeding journey free of any bumps in the road, such as mastitis, worry of lacking in supply, getting over those first few weeks of tenderness, let down control and the stresses of being needed around the clock- to name a few. Not only that, but it helped me get my mind out of the way and let my body soar with the possibilities and control that are naturally there. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS ????????????

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A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. “Spare some change?” mumbled the beggar, mechanically holding out his old baseball cap. “I have nothing to give you,” said the stranger. Then he asked: “What’s that you are sitting on?” “Nothing,” replied the beggar. “Just an old box. I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.” “Ever looked inside?” asked the stranger. “No,” said the beggar. “What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.” “Have a look inside,” insisted the stranger. The beggar managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold. I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and who is telling you to look inside. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer: inside yourself. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now Pants by @mindfulbohemian Machine washable mat by

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"I understand loving your body, but why do you have to show so much skin? Where's your self respe-" Okay Susan, let's talk. I've been noticing you around these parts quite a lot lately. You seem to think that it's impossible for a woman to claim and capture her own body in its most natural state, without her skin being for someone else's sexual gratification. You seem to think that nudity instantly equates to sexuality, when in reality nudity might mean any one of hundreds of things, including, as the name of this page might suggest, a celebration of positive body image. You don't realise that thinking SEX as soon as you see flesh is something you've been conditioned to think by a culture that teaches us all that women's bodies are objects for other people's consumption. And that the time you spend telling other women to cover up could be better used uncovering why it is you have that reaction, and unlearning it. You link the amount of clothing a woman wears to how much they must respect themselves. This is a pretty archaic kind of sexism used to ingrain shame into women's relationship with their own bodies. You're allowed to value modesty, but you should work on accepting that what empowers you, isn't the same for everyone, and doesn't place you on any kind of moral highground. So you see Susan, if seeing bodies being proudly shown and embraced as nature made them makes you uncomfortable, if you instantly sexualise anyone showing any skin, and if you think that slut shaming women is ever okay? This probably isn't the place for you. Oh, and you're part of the problem. K byeeeeee. ???????????????????? Badass words By @bodyposipanda Outfits by @lovekikikins

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From Code Red by Lisa Lister In lots of cultures around the world, a girl’s transition to womanhood is celebrated in ritual and ceremony; it’s the time of coming into her creative and spiritual power, yet so many women in the western world have lacked this celebratory entry into womanhood, and this has affected everything from their attitude to their menstrual cycle, to how they view the body they currently reside in and a million things inbetween. Our menarche, our first bleed, is when our song, our life purpose, our truth is awakened in us. With each cycle we sing louder, speak more truthfully and nurture that bud as we respond to, and work with, the lessons it provides, allowing us to open and grow into the true awesomeness of who we are. Imagine if we had all known this, at that moment of our first bleed – how would it have been different? For me, I’d have stopped trying so hard to be ‘someone’ in my late teens and twenties – to achieve, to be liked, to be validated – because I’d have total trust that with each bleed cycle, life was unfolding me, just as it should. There would have been SHE flow, literally and figuratively, as I narrated the story of the woman that I am from a place of truth and purpose – my womb. What’s your menarche story? What was your first bleed like? What did it feel like? Where were you? Was it celebratory? Was it negative? I invite you to put yourself in that young girl’s body, in that moment, right now and allow your heart to simply riff on it in your journal. Depending on your first bleed experience, this may feel traumatic; or it may feel like a total non-event but know that your menarche story is a powerful insight into the woman you are now, so dare yourself to really go there. If your experience was a celebratory one, how did that make you feel? To have the moment you became a woman, marked by family and friends? Were you proud? Were you embarrassed? If it wasn’t celebratory, what was it like? How did it feel, physically and emotionally? Where were you? Did you tell your parents? What was their reaction? CONTINUED IN COMMENTS PHOTO BY @REALTEELPHOTO leggings by @onzie Moon lamp By @mindfulbohemian Dreads @katinka_dreads

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Some days it's a celebration of our 17 months breastfeeding (and counting), farther than I ever expected with this being my third child. Some days I can feel every bit of the 12,428 hours in my bones, as it aches for freedom. Some days it's really irritating that I've had my boobs pinched, elbowed, poked, bitten, yanked and leaking for 745,090 minutes. But most days, I look back and realize that I have learned to slow down, survive and thrive a majority of the 44,706,000 seconds. So, I reflect and redirect my sails to continue discovering new lands once again. No one ever said it was easy. It's taken will power, pep talks/support and surviving suggestions that "Its about time give it up", that feed on my doubt at times of weakness. The great moments outweigh the rough ones by a long shot. Sometimes it just takes a moment or two of rumination to realize how lucky we are to be in this together. Ive learned more about myself during this journey than I could have ever dreamt of. Loving (mostly) every second of it. #AnatomyOfSelfLove WINNERS!! We had an amazing time hosting this challenge for you guys again. Thanks to all our amazing guest hosts and participants!! We’re back again February 1st. Join us!! Winners from the December challenge are.... ????⚡️????⚡️????⚡️????⚡️????⚡️????⚡️????⚡️???? ___________________________________________________ @lovekikikins - @pineappleyogi @khromaherbs - @mys_tair @chiuniverseyoga - @turquoise_starfish @katinka_dreads - @shells.yogini @sahajanskincare - @loulou_yogi @buddhaperformance - @sun_city_yogi ___________________________________________________ GO FOLLOW OUR PAGE @anatomyofselflove for more info about the challenge, upcoming challenges, book tips etc. see you guys in February ????????????⚡️

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