Mother Previously Married To Son Marries Her Daughter!

Patricia the mother is 44 YO and her daughter Misty is 26.

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How eccentric can a beautiful relationship like marriage go?

Well, your answers may vary. Apparently, a duo got into the nuptial bond of marriage and don’t be surprised when we tell you that the duo was actually a mother and daughter.

Misty Spann, a 26-year-old girl got married to her mom, Patricia Spann in 2016. As a kid, Misty was raised by her grandmother as her mother lost custody of her three kids.

Source: thesun

Although Patricia couldn’t have nurtured them in their childhood days, the love of a mother was still igniting. But little did anyone know that this love will lead to a marriage, someday.

According to her, the bond she shares with her daughter doesn’t infringe any law because she was no longer listed as a parent on her daughter’s birth certificate.

This entire incident of incest marriage came to light when the authorities of child welfare investigation discovered and got it reported.

Digging into the investigation deeper, it also revealed that Patricia was also married to her biological son in 2008 in Comanche County. Even that marriage was tagged as an annulled one.

For now, Misty has allegedly received a 10-year suspended sentence and her mother is due to be sentenced in January, which can lead to 10 years of imprisonment in Oklahoma.

Information source: thesun, ladbible

Title image:  ladbible

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