Internet Gets Upset Over The Model Who Breastfed Her Child; BFF Gives A Befitting Reply

The model was wearing a golden bikini and was carrying her 5-month-old daughter.

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The Sports Illustrated Swimwear Catwalk in Miami was a starry affair!

The ramp was set on fire when extraordinary women from different genres, walked the ramp in order to make a statement. One model was a cancer survivor, while the other was about to go to a boot camp.

The ramp also witnessed a two time Paralympic gold medallist with a prosthetic leg.

While these models were applauded by the audience, but the star of the show was undoubtedly, model Mara Martin. Martin audaciously walked down the ramp breastfeeding her five-month daughter.

 After the show she posted, "Wow! WHAT A NIGHT! Words can't even describe how amazing I feel after being picked to walk the runway for @si_swimsuit. Anyone who knows me, knows it has been a life long dream of mine.

"I can't believe I am waking up to headlines with me and my daughter in them for doing something I do every day. It is truly so humbling and unreal to say the least. I'm so grateful to be able to share this message and hopefully normalise breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL!," she captioned her post. 

But then, not everyone looks at the things in a positive way. While some appreciated her work, others badly trolled her by calling her an attention seeker.

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Source: vt

Well, when there was enough of trash coming her way, Mara’s best friend- Samantha Montroy Purcell, came running to her defense. 

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Source: vt

Information source: vt,

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