Mithila Palkar's TEDx Talk Proves That She Is Just Like Most Of Us!

This “internet sensation” just gave us a peek into the harsh realities of her life!

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If you think that meeting up your parent's expectations, good marks in the school exam, graduating from a reputed college, landing up a “decent job”, living a stable life is only ‘your’ story, then you're certainly wrong!

Take a breath because a certain “internet sensation” just gave us a peek into the harsh realities of her life.

On 27 June, Mithila Palkar gave her very first TEDx Talk at NIT Silchar, Assam. Mithila is brought up in the city of dreams Mumbai and just as you and me, she also cradled many plans for a perfect life.

Remember the time when big words like ‘future', ‘success’, ‘fame’ started haunting you? Well, Mithila talks about the similar phase.

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Here are a few things Mithila said which makes complete sense and give us a patient hope that with time things will fall in place.

She gave it a musical start:

Mithila became the talk of the social media world with her Anna Kendrick inspired cup song. What followed later was how she explained that her spontaneous shoot of this rage video changed her life. She did not sit hatching mastermind plans for her video but just kick started with a simple step!

It is okay to be scared:

Her parents were no different than ours. She shared the story of their expectations and mixed signals. Her parents encouraged her to sing and dance at family gatherings yet when it came to pursuing a creative career it became a task for her to convince her parents. Yet it was a matter of her passion and eventually, she found her ways.

The pressure of the ‘benchmark’:

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Mithila is blessed with a sister who is a scientist and given the situation she could not escape the questions of her prying relatives. She confessed looking up to her sister to an extent that she just wanted to do everything her sister did. Be it her choice of job or pretense of long silky hair. And later she realised that it is okay to go for a different road and yet her sister would be proud of her!

We know rejections- thanks to our rickshawala:

Little did we realise until she pointed out that our rickshawala uncles were actually helping us out for our future lives. Every time you face a “NO” it should only make you hustle more to reach your destination. Well, dedication just served through a novel example.

For this and more, watch out the video here:

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