Mike Tyson To Open 'Tyson Ranch', A Cannabis Resort!

Tyson is yet to announce the probable opening date of the Tyson Ranch.

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Boxing legend, Mike Tyson has kept us hooked ever since he’s in limelight. Be it because of his thrilling boxing matches or his acting stint. Soon, the pop culture icon is now going to add another one to his resume (if he ever makes one, of course!).

The new title will be 'Marijuana Kingpin'.

Who was once known as ‘Iron Mike’ will probably be known as ‘Stoned Mike’ now. Tyson has bought an a-acre ranch in California and has started breaking ground for setting up a “cannabis resort”. The resort will house and deal with drug cultivators and other kinds of enthusiasts.

The ranch is situated in the Mojave Desert, around 110 miles towards the north of Los Angeles. It is also at a short distance from Edwards Air Force base. 20-acres of the land will be used for cultivation who’d be of the “master grower” levels. According to The Blast, new strains will be developed. There will also be an “edibles factory”, an amphitheater and a posh campground.

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Tyson has been quite vocal about his support towards the drug for years now. He is also a big promoter of cannabidiol (CBD), as it does not leave the smoker with any hallucination like bouts. He recommends the same to people who suffer from PTSD for medicinal purposes.

However, Tyson isn’t the only one with such “dope” plans. Last year, American Green purchased a ghost town in Nipton of California to transform it into a marijuana tourist destination. The company looks forward to use the space as a production facility for cannabis-infused products. The products will include items like CBD-infused water. Approximately, $2.5 million will be spent to build the town, which will be ready by 2019.

Tyson is yet to announce the probable opening date of the Tyson Ranch.

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