Fan Club, Do You Know Who The Real-Life Mike Ross Is?

The lovable fraud Mike Ross is actually heavily inspired from Suits writer Aaron Korsh's own life.

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The story that was supposed to be that of edgy investment bankers Vince, Turtle and Johnny, the plot that was supposed to draw inspiration from real life Wall Street stories, the show which was initially supposed to be called 'A Gifted Mind' changed the course of its plot and later its TV ratings.

The character which has won accolades as well as hearts is that of Mike Ross (played by Patrick J Adams). The flawed yet good - at - heart Mike made his secret treasured by all. What might shock you though, is that the character of Mike is based on the real - life experiences of the creator of the hit TV show Suits, Aaron Korsh. Here are the parallels: 

Source: tvguide

Aaron and Mike both have 'A Gifted Mind':

Mike Ross is shown as having an eidetic memory. Once he reads and understands a piece of information, he cannot forget it. This helps him be a phenomenal lawyer without ever having graduated from Harvard Law. Well, same is the story of Aaron, while graduating from Wharton he remembers scoring good marks without attending classes. He later went on to become an investment banker himself.

The Drug Deals:

Aaron in an interview confessed that while he was in college he used to smoke pot. And you know very well what the bike-messenger Michael did in his apartment! However, Aaron lost his best-friend and roommate when he was 25 and that lead to his epiphany of quitting investment banking and becoming a writer.

The 'Fraud' Fear:

What made Mike a fraud was the fact that he practiced law without a degree, he worked amongst the best without actually working hard enough for it ( though his reasons are justified). As Korsh wrote Suits, “the idea was to transfer my feelings of feeling like a fraud, and let’s make an actual fraud.” Because the original pilot was about investment bankers, “the level of his fraudulence was not as great,” says Korsh. “Had he been found out it wouldn’t have been illegal, it just would have been damaging at the firm.” 

Thus they ended up as lawyers! The two figures which mainly drove the plot were those of the famous fraudster Bernie Madhoff and Leonardo DiCaprio's character from Catch Me If You Can. What drew Patrick J Adams to the role was the fact that he was suppose to play a 'good' version of Bernie!

Well, they never fail to surprise us! And people call it fiction even after all these inspirations.

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