Mike Natter: Explaining Medical Science Through Funny Sketches!

What a talent!

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Mike is currently a third year medical student living in New York. There must be hundreds of medical students in the Jefferson Medical University, but none like Mike. His illustrations about the diseases he learnt about and the disorders he knows or the pressure he feels studying Medical science, combining with his own artistic talent, have made him very popular on Instagram.

Check out some of his best works!

1. Mike’s first print that went viral,



2. Mike’s best part of the day,



3. When his sketch about Hematochezia was published in the newspaper,



4. Literally the best way for medical students to utilize Instagram,



Why did Popeye throw a clot even though he was on warfarin? #spinach #vitamink #popeye #warfarin #2 #7 #9 #10 #c #s

A photo posted by Mike Natter (@mike.natter) on


5. Explaining about the Brain-gut connection, weight loss and diabetes,



6. When elaborate images becomes boring,



i pump the things ❤️ #heart #pump #cardio #cardiology

A photo posted by Mike Natter (@mike.natter) on


7. Thanking the Doc,



8. Finding the right balance in Life,



9. Intense Histology,



I learn better when I draw #radiology #notes #class #lecture #medschool #ms4 #nuclear #medicine #PE

A photo posted by Mike Natter (@mike.natter) on


10. When Kidneys are replaced by Nuts,


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