Middle Of The Month And Already Broke? 5 Effective And Effortless Tricks To Do Away With The Money Munch

We are in the third week of the month and are you already broke? Well, maybe yes, and this certainly is not a very pleasant situation.These ideas will help you

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We are in the third week of the month and are you already broke? Well, maybe yes, and this certainly is not a very pleasant situation. On top of it, surviving the next two weeks with umpteen calculations for even basic expenditures becomes a nightmare. Nevertheless, here are some pretty simple tricks which can save you from the month-end miseries. Easy, old-school and fun, these ideas will surely keep you away from the fringe while gradually mounting up money without pinching a hole in your pocket.  

1. Buy a Piggy Bank

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Yes, as amusing as it sounds, a cute, chubby piggy bank attracts a lot of random pennies lying here and there. Make sure to put all the coins in your ‘Gullak’ at the end of the day. A few months down, and you will have a few thousand bucks out of nothing but coins! You can also categorize piggy banks into Savings, Annual Vacations, Retirement etc. as per your needs and requirements.

2. The Rs. 10/ 20 note

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As per your handiness, decide on either a 10 or a 20 rupees note and start collecting them by piling them into bundles of 100 notes. Gather as many notes as you can from people around in exchange for equal denomination of money. From your wallet, avoid spending the particular note you have decided to collect. Gradually, the piled up bundles would grow into a huge sum thus helping you save for a rainy day

3. Leave some Money erratically

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A money envelope from a relative or some currency notes should sometimes be left in between clothes, in books or in Mommy’s rice container and be forgotten about. Months later, accidently finding them will be a great pleasure! You can also handover some cash to your mother or a friend as safekeeping to be used in case of any emergency.

4. Take Extra Efforts

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Sometimes choose wisely and pick options wherein a few bucks can be saved. For example, walk an extra mile and avoid taking a rickshaw wherever possible, carry water from home instead of buying a mineral water bottle, invite friends home rather than catching up at expensive coffee shops, learn cooking instead of ordering a home delivery. These are healthy habits which will save money and be much beneficial in the long run

5. Save before Spending

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Every month, as soon as you get your salary or pocket money, divide it into the categories of Savings, Household Expenses, Health & Retirement, Investments and last but not the least, Shopping & Entertainment. Each of these is important and requires equal amount every month. Always plan, label and save before spending money abruptly, even if the amount contributed to each section is petty.

These are effortless money saving tricks; make them a part of your everyday routine and soon the month end crunch will be a thing of the past!  Money will always be earned but saving from whatever little you have makes the difference.

So Get Going and Happy Savings! :)

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