In Celebration Of The Goddess Who Is Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama addressed an emotional gathering of educationists, students and counselors in her last speech as FLOTUS.

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It has been hitherto established that Michelle Obama is everything a First Lady should be, and more. The image of power, independence, grace and dignity, the FLOTUS has been a role model not only for American women, but for women the world over.

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Yesterday, Michelle Obama addressed a gathering at the 2017 School Couselor of the Year awards, her last address in her capacity as First Lady. While first ladies do not have any official powers, they are expected to advocate the presidents' agendae and shoulder responsibility about issues they feel passionately about. And Michelle Obama fulfilled hers with aplomb.

One of her notable contributions has been the Reach Higher initiative, which aims at making education "cooler". It is in conclusion of this stint of hers that she spoke to an emotional gathering, exhorting students to hold the American values of liberty, tolerance and hope in high regard.

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She also took note of the paranoia that has gripped the country since the elections took place, and had this to say:

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And had this inspirational message for everyone:

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Anyone who has ever doubted the magnificence of Michelle Obama, and everyone who has loved the lady for everything she is and stands for, has to watch this address:

Thank you, Michelle Obama, for being everything we aspire to be. Here's hoping that we see more of your fierceness and your class, outside the diplomatic straitjacket that being FLOTUS put you in.

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