MGTOW or “Men Going Their Own Way” Is The New Counter To Feminism

Make Way For Meninism!

MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way, Feminism

Tens of thousands of men have formed a real-life online community called MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way. Their first rule?

Abandoning all romantic relationships with women. On Reddit alone, some 15,000 readers are subscribed to the MGTOW page which declares it is for “men going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined success; cutting through collective ideas of what a man is.“ It is dedicated to what they see as each man's fight for sovereignty of himself.

The MGTOW community has a pretty clear set of expectations for themselves and the wider world that are based in Meninism: a counteraction to feminism which sees women's rights directly disadvantage men.

While feminists might argue that their movement aims to help both men and women break free of harmful gender stereotypes, meninists disagree. To them, men are the victims of heterosexual relationships, comparable to a horse with a cart strapped it its back. MGTOWs borrow heavily from pop-culture to explain their beliefs, particularly the film The Matrix where the Chosen One chooses to reject his blinkered “blue pill“ life in favor of the awareness offered by the “red pill“.

The path to “total freedom” is spread across five levels, as follows:

Level 0: Involves “taking the red pill” and recognizing that gender equality is a sham.

Level 1: Sees a man rejecting long-term relationships but engaging in sexual encounters.

Level 2: Abandoning sexual encounters completely.

Level 3: Sees the man focusing on earning money in order to sustain himself; and finally,

Level 4: Total freedom from societal constraints.

Their heroes? The so-called herbivore men of Japan who have no interest in finding long-term female partner.

The movement is slowly but surely finding its way to daily conversations around the world. How it evolves from here will be something fascinating to watch!

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