Mexico’s Creepiest Destination: Island of Hanging dolls

The island is situated in the canals of Xochimico near Mexico City and is considered as one of the creepiest and weirdest tourist destination of the world.

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You might have heard about the beautiful islands of the world where one gets peace and relaxes during holidays, but Mexico’s island is not like the other islands and will surely give you creeps while visiting. So if you really want to go on an adventure and become a daredevil then don’t miss out on this place if you ever visit Mexico!

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The island is situated in the canals of Xochimico near Mexico City and is considered as one of the creepiest and weirdest tourist destination of the world.  The island was never meant to be such a strange place though and it all began with a young girl.

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The locals tell that around 50 years ago, there was one man living in the island named Don Julian Santana. Don unfortunately found a body of a drowned girl in the canal of the island. The body was floating with a doll and so to please the soul of the girl he hung the doll in a tree. Don took this step since he was haunted by seeing the body and wanted to please the girl's soul. He also prayed to shoo away the evil spirits and protect the island.

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The story never ended there since whenever Don went for fishing he found the doll parts and he began hanging them. Later his mind went restless and so he dug out dolls from the trash and hung them too. The family of Don who runs the island as an popular tourist attraction claimed that Don always believed that it would make the spirit of little girl happy and so later he even traded his vegetables and fruits for new dolls and hanged them.

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Don believed that this is the only way he can keep the spirit of dead girl happy and so he started hanging the dolls on the tress. So now almost every tree on the island has dolls. In fact, one can see branches of trees with dolls hanging! The story took a spooky turn since Don was drowned in the same canal! Many people claim that he is still alive in those dolls as the caretaker of the island while many believe this to be the fate due to the spirit of girl.

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One can see many dolls in the island with broken legs, broken hands, one eyed and smiling with spiders living in them and they definitely seem to be horrifying. One television show also proved the island to be haunted and so the island became famous after the death of Don.

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We all have seen places with beautiful sceneries around but this creepy destination is very different because people claim to hear doll whispers here! Some say they have even witnessed the dolls smiling and blinking which makes the Isla de las Munecas a very creepy place for a visitor.

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Although the action of Don Julian was innocent and even admirable, it ended up being portrayed as a real nightmarish destination. Some people also say that the dolls are now resting places for the spirits and we should pay tribute to them.

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The island is not so big. It’s a small place and reaching there is not so difficult. What makes it different is the spooky and creepy feeling it gives to the visitors. So Mexico’s island should be on the list if you really want to experience horror and these dolls can definitely give you that!

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Since living in the stories would be always something different than listening to them!

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