Mexican Mayor Ties The Knot With A Crocodile To Bring Good Omen To Fishermen

The reptile bride was dressed in a beautiful white robe and she was baptised before the wedding!

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Many of us marry for the sake of our love and sometimes just to satisfy our parents or loved ones. But the town of San Pedro Huamelula, in southern Mexico, follows a very selfless tradition. The mayor of this town married a crocodile, who is regarded to be the princess of the Huale people.

And it is believed that the marriage will bring good fortune and abundance to the fishermen.

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The reptile bride was dressed in a beautiful white robe and she was baptised before the wedding. That’s right guys, along with the whole new relationship with the mayor, the crocodile also has a religion to follow.

Don’t you think it’s a little too much to expect from a little beast?

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Talking to the media the mayor,

"With this ritual, we ask for a good harvest, for the sea and the lagoons to give us all the food we need and we ask that everything goes well for everyone here."

Well just like any other wedding, the ceremony ended with a dance. One of the guests said,

"The dance they do here is like an offer to God, to thank for the land, the harvest, the fish."

Anyway, we wish the married couple all the very best for their future and hope it brings serenity to the fishermen.

Information source: dailymail

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