Meet GradeAUnderA, The YouTube King Of Rant Videos

And this is how you vent out all your frustrations.

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GradeAUnderA is one of the finest YouTube artists working today. We call him an artist because frankly, in this day-and-age when the internet is filled with the opinions of every man with the access to it, it is not easy to create a form of expression that is filled with satire which is not just topical but also sensible.

His real name is Ram and he resides in the UK. He taught mathematics in a college but was spurred to make YouTube videos with what he describes as “crude” hand-drawn animation after he was fired for “knowing too much about the subject”. Strange, no? It was for him too. He was angry and frustrated for being snubbed like this but he decided to express his outrage through the first medium that he could put his hands on.

Thus was born the epicness that is his channel, GradeAUnderA.

His videos revolve around things that our lives revolve around. From ranting on cultural fads like Pokémon GO, to the geo-political shit-storm that is the American Presidential elections, to simple annoying stuff like “Autocorrect”, he covers as many bases as he can.

We have compiled a series of his videos to give you a taste of his quirky sense of humour and we hope you enjoy it.

1. Why I Ducking Hate Autocorrect

Ah! Autocorrect. The boon for some but bane for many. And his views are not dissimilar to ours when it comes to this nasty piece of “ship”. Don’t get it? Watch the video.

2. My Pokémon GO Experience

This fad took the world by storm when it hit mobiles a couple of months back - so much so that even law enforcement officials had a tough time dealing with people who were so engrossed playing it, that they forgot to follow even the simplest of traffic etiquettes. His views absolutely hit the nail!

3. Why I Hate Sports Fans

Look, I am not much into sports and hence find the euphoria around popular sports like football/soccer, and the competitions like the EPL and the NBA championship a little more than baffling. He feels the same!

4. Proof That The Human Race Is DOOMED!!

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. ‘Nuff said!

5. My Thoughts On Gay People

Pertinent, touching and hits you like a ton of bricks.

6. F*ck Phone Calls (How To Get Out Of Them)

Because who likes phone calls! Not me, for sure. Not him either, it seems.

You can check out more of his awesome work here.

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