Meet Dennis Hope: The Man Owning The Moon Since 36 Years!

Have you ever imagined owning the Moon or at least buying a piece of land on it? If yes, then this man can help you! Confused? Read on! 

The Moon, Dennis Hope, The Man Owning The Moon, The Owner Of The Moon

Have you ever imagined owning the Moon or at least buying a piece of land on it? If yes, then this man can help you! Confused? Read on! 

A man named Dennis Hope owns the moon and has been selling plots on the moon for the last 36 years. It all started in the early 1980’s when Hope was unemployed for a year. The thought of a good property deal came into his mind. Since he could make a living by managing real estate, he considered his options, looked out of the window and saw more unclaimed property – the Moon!

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Hope remembered some of his education in Political Science from college. The 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty said no country could own the moon, but is said nothing about the individuals.

Amazing isn’t it? Hope then also wrote a letter to the United Nations saying the moon was his and asked the group to come up with a legal reason why an individual could not claim the ownership of the moon. Hope said, “I sent the United Nations a declaration of ownership detailing my intent to subdivide and sell the moon and have never heard back.”

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Since he was the only one who found the loophole in the treaty of ownership that does not apply to individuals, he has sold more than 611 million acres of land on the moon.

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He has sold all kind of plots since then, even a country sized plot of land of 2.66 million acres for $250,000. Even former US presidents George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan have plots on moon sold by Hope. Hope is the President of Galactic Government, a democratic republic that represents landowners on the moon and also some of his other properties.

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He also claimed Mercury, Mars, Venus, Io (one of Jupiter’s moons) and Pluto!

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In an interview when Hope was asked about what people think about him, he told that “I’ve had a lot of people telling me I don’t have the right to do this, but that’s just their opinion.”

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If you are wondering who the buyers are, then the answer is “Everybody”, as claimed by Hope. “We have customers in 193 countries on this planet, and we’re better known than the International Astronomical Union,” he added.

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He also said, “We anticipate that all our practical situational problems will be solved in about three to five years, so we’re hoping to be on the surface of the moon by 2020, building the first city there.”

So anyone interested in buying the land on Pluto or Mars? Sorry guys, the Moon is full!

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