Meet Aorin Sharyari — Cosplay Queen Of India

Aorin has been cosplaying, where people dress up like their favorite characters, in the country for a long time and she took India’s cosplaying to next level.

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SHE is Beautiful, she is intelligent, she is geeky. Safe to say she is everything a guy would dream of. Aorin has been cosplaying, where people dress up like their favorite characters, in the country for a long time and she took India’s cosplaying to the next level.

Cosplaying is a very common practice in comic con and Otaku conventions, where they take part in competitions and meet fellow geeks and like minded people.

We conducted an exclusive interview of Aorin and she had many interesting things that she shared with us. Her answers reflect how important cosplaying is for her.

What made you to take up cos-play and why?

I have always been a geek at heart and my love for comics — anime and video games with a mixture of my love for arts and crafts pushed me towards cosplay. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

What was your first cosplay and where did you do it?

My first costume was of RIN Tosada from an Japanse anime “fate stay night”. I did it in Anime convention held in New Delhi in 2011.

Thoughts on cosplaying as a career for future generation?

I see a lot of potential but I don’t think it is for everyone. As a hobby or a part time work it can work out but not everyone can do this full time. Cosplaying is something that requires you to put in a lot of time. There are no shortcuts to success in anything. You have put in efforts, work hard and be patient. Things will work out one day or another. You can’t do anything in this world without passion. Especially in the world of cosplays.

Any experience that you had which that you can never forget?

Being a part of ESL One Manila, in Philippines. Being able to Judge an International tournament in a stadium hall jam packed with people, being live on twitch for thousands of people around the world and to be on the same judging panel as one of the top cosplayer in the world, Alodia Gosiengfiao (Left on the picture) was an amazing experience. I became the first ever Indian to judge an International cosplay event and be known as the head of cosplay in ESL INDIA feels like a fairy-tail, as so far i am the only cosplayer in the country who has claimed this title. I feel like i am on the top of the world.

If we offered you 1 million dollars and asked you to quit cosplaying would you do it?

I would take the money and still cosplay. I have been doing this since forever and there is not a single bone in my body which would say no to this. So you know, there is no stopping me now.

Picture courtesy: Manish Lenswork

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