From Maya Sarabhai To Pammi Aunty: 8 Fictional Characters We Wished Existed In Real Life!

Fictional characters create magic in their fictional world, bringing them into the real will lead our life to an unexpected journey.

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What if on a mundane Monday you stumble upon your favourite fictional characters? Your world is bound to turn topsy-turvy, but we’ve hypothetically demonstrated a situation which will definitely tickle your funny bone.

1. The Queen of Sass aka Maya Sarabhai!

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She is the perfect lady we always look upon. Be it her sophistication, fashion sense, power or her simple charm of sarcasm. Her presence will make your life great if you belong to her clan but if notice even the slightest hint of Monisha in you then just be ready to face the rage.

2. Or the quirky Chitvan!


 Baba, planning to throw, eh? Who better can handle this than our Charming Chitvan? His looks, his wittiness, his forever chillaxed mode and his ridiculous style of mixing music will make you fall in love with him. Having him by your side is like carrying a jukebox with you.

3. And how can we forget the super hilarious Hansa?!

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Hungry? Then don’t grab a snicker just pay her a visit and she will make sure to serve you food, at least this is what she keeps promising to everyone. And mind if you ever unknowingly spit out any English word in her presence, because you won’t be having Praful by your side to give a brilliantly illogical explanation.

4. Or the chubby Makeup Didi

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What if it is the most important day of your life? Would you invite her to do your ‘maaakup’? Definitely not, right? But what if she trespasses and you already don’t have a make-up artist by your side? Then, the makeup didi will take out her wand and paint you in hues of purple and blue. With that makeup on, anywhere you go; you will go stealing the limelight.

5. Also, Southern Siren Lola Kutty!

source: fireflydaily

She is here to make your mornings bright as sun and tender as coconut. If she is around, never ever you will carry an air freshener because she herself will keep emanating subtle fragrance from her gajra .

6. Critic Roshan: Poor man's Hrithik Roshan!

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If he is there then who will go for a movie? He himself is package of full of entertainment. His stupendous satire and illogical blabber will ‘roshan’ your life and with every new film that gets released you will come down running to him .

7. Vicky Malhotra, naam toh suna hi hoga!

source: buzzfeed

We all face challenges in our daily life- whether it be a college or your office, but if you’ve Vicky Malhotra to accompany you in your struggling phase then you should consider yourself to be the luckiest person on the earth. His gags and perfect comedy timing you will always bring a smile on your face and keep tensions at bay.

8. Pammi Aunty: Straight from Karol Baug, Delhi!

source: itimes

 We are already surrounded by such Pammi Aunties, one more aunty and I shall leave this hypocritical world forever. Aren’t our lives already crammed with loads of shit, gossips, and nonsense? And ever thought who will pay the phone bills?

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