Did You Know That There Is A Place In India Where People Speak Only Sanskrit?

This tiny village in Karnataka has kept Sanskrit alive in their day-to-day life.

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Sanskrit is one of the world’s oldest languages. Even though, there are more than 1652 spoken languages in India, there is hardly any place where people use Sanskrit to communicate. But there is a village called Mattur in Shimoga district, some 300 km from Bangalore in Karnataka where most residents speak Sanskrit.

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The story of the village that speaks Sanskrit started way back in 1981 when Sanskrita Bharati, an organization that promotes the classical language, conducted a 10-day Sanskrit workshop. Since then the local residents made Sanskrit their everyday language.

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Mattur is surrounded by many temples. Like a typical agraharam (Brahmin quarter of a heterogeneous) the whole village is built as a square and has a temple in the centre along with a village pathshala (school).

The Vedas are chanted in the pathshala in the typically traditional way and the students learn them meticulously in their five-year course, under the careful supervision of village elders.

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To make common man understand Sanskrit, the students of the pathshala collect old Sanskrit palm leaves, expand the script on computers and rewrite the damaged text in the present day in the form of publication.

Teachers of the village believe that learning Sanskrit helps people in developing an aptitude for maths and logics. Mattur village has some of the best academics records in the district.

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So many youngsters of the village had gone abroad to study engineering and medical. This is something very fascinating that the village boasts of at least one software engineer in every family.

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