Mascara Shopping And Late Night Rides: 12 Apps All Women Need To Install Immediately

Being a woman is tough business. Juggling work, family, social circles and also being awesome at the same time is quite a task!suggest these to the women :

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Being a woman is tough business. Juggling work, family, social circles and also being awesome at the same time is quite a task! Let your smartphone come to the rescue and simplify your life with these top rated apps. Guys reading this, suggest these to the women in your life and become their hero:

1. MyFitnessPal

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If you are watching your weight or just want to eat healthy, this app is perfect for you. You enter every meal, every beverage you have, every exercise you do, and the app calculates calories consumed or burned accordingly. This is measured against a target weight you set for yourself, and simply keeping track of what you put inside your body can do wonders for your health.

Get it here for Android and iOS

2. Google Keep

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Make text notes, to-do lists, voice memos, add pictures to all of these and archive notes. This app single-handedly takes care of your shopping lists, errands, even passwords you find difficult to remember. Simple to use and manage, Keep is your ultimate productivity tool!

Get it here for Android and iOS

3. Clue

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Periods are such a pain (literally!). Even though it is supposed to be a monthly visitor, it can get pesky with all the stress, irregular diet, sleep and hectic activity of life nowadays. Clue is the perfect period-tracking app which asks for a few basics about your period (cycle duration, flow, sexual activity etc) and predicts your ovulation period, fertile window as well as the date of your next period, giving notifications accordingly. This is the ideal app whether you are sexually inactive, active, trying to conceive or just can’t be bothered with marking the calendar. Bonus: It is not sickeningly pink!

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4. Pixlr

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Instagram is so passe! Get a tonne of fresh filters and image editing options with Pixlr. It is extremely easy to use, and has the option of sharing your edited pictures on all major social media platforms. No more wasting your time searching for the perfect light, let this app do the hard work for you!

Get it here for Android and iOS

5. BudgetBaker’s Wallet

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If you too struggle with remembering where all your money goes, this is the app for you! Uncluttered and simple to use, it allows you to make various accounts (home, bank, purse) and categories (eating out, groceries, entertainment). The app even sends reminders every day for entering the income and expenditure for that day. It creates neat charts and reports to show you where you are spending the most. It is a godsend for everyone, whether a money wizard or not!

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6. Watch Over Me

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Travelling late at night, no matter where you live, is always stressful. This app gives you and your family/friends some assurance about that late night trip back home. Enter a time period for which you want to be watched over and the contacts you’ve entered can follow your journey via GPS until you check in at your destination safely. It offers immediate access to the phone cam if you think something wrong is happening, and it also sends alerts to your loved ones in case of an emergency. A must-have app for everyone!

Get it here for Android and iOS

7. Zivame

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How many times have you been embarrassed or annoyed to insanity while shopping for lingerie even in the best of shops? We bless the souls behind Zivame, the online lingerie shopping site, now with its own app. It guides you about measurements, kinds of intimate wear, offers a wide range of brands and products for you to choose from and has a No Questions Asked returns policy. What more do you need?

Get it here for Android and iOS

8. Purplle

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Beauty products shopping can be very bothersome. You either don’t find your favourite brand, or the store doesn’t carry your shade, or the salesgirl is just too irritating. Fret not, because the answer to all your problems is Purplle. Another e-commerce website to bring out its own app, Purplle has amazing variety in brands and beauty products. You can also book salon/spa appointments with the app. Do check it out!

Get it here for Android and iOS

9. Ola

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Ok, this is not just for women. You simply must have a cab service app on your smartphone, we cannot emphasise this enough. Ola lets you pre-order or find a cab nearby as soon as you need it. A safe, guided, and reliable way of getting around, without the hassles of parking and driving on your own!

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10. Fabulous- Motivate Me!

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For those of you wanting to improve your overall lifestyle, be it inculcating healthy habits, getting better sleep, increasing your productivity or learning meditation for destressing, this is the perfect app. It lets you create a ‘chain’ with every task accomplished, sends little motivational letters and tips, and has a very pleasing interface. It is interactive and can actually nudge you towards better living!

Get it here for Android. Not available for iOS presently.

11. Beautylish

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Makeup is an art in itself and we always need guidance to hone our styling skills. Beautylish offers tutorials, tips, product reviews and discussion forums for all your beauty queries through a very sophisticated interface. Don’t bother yourself with browsing through dozens of YouTube videos searching for the perfect tutorial, just install this app!

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12. Tripadvisor

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If you are a travel junkie, you know the value of some preparation before the journey. The Tripadvisor app helps out find flights, hotels, destinations and traveller reviews over a no-hassles interface, and also offers discounts on hotel bookings. Must-have for every backpacker!

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Tried any of these apps? Know better ones? Share with us in the Comments below!

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