Mars-Lover Elon Musk Wants To Launch 4000 Satellites To Provide Wifi

Elon Musk has revealed latest plan to provide wifi to the remote corners of Earth by launching 4000 satellites.SpaceX has officially filed permission for it.

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Elon Musk, as ambitious as any man can be, has revealed his latest plan to provide wifi to the remote corners of Earth by launching 4000 satellites into space.

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His company, SpaceX, has officially filed for permission to launch the satellites. While the plan looks good on paper, it will be very difficult to implement for a number of reasons.

The first one is cost. To reduce the latency (time interval between transmission and receiving), he is aiming to launch the satellites at a height of 650 km. Because of such a low height, the number of satellites required has gone up to 4000, which won’t come cheap.

Source: Iflscience

The second major problem would be cost recovery. Even if he successfully launches his network, the areas he is aiming for are one of the poorest and it will be unlikely that he will be able to recover much of his cost any time soon. Adding to his worry is that he is not alone in aiming for such ambitious project. Greg Wyler, an entrepreneur from Florida and founder of OneNet is being backed by The Virgin Group and Qualcomm to create a similar satellite network and already owns quite a few legal licences.

Source: Capacitymedia

It will be interesting to see how this develops (applicable to all his projects). One thing is clear though, the development of such networks is no doubt a good news for the consumers, especially those living in the poor areas.

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