Photos: Beautiful Transformation Of Manholes By Japan's Sewerage Industry

A total of 12,000 local manhole covers have been designed so far.

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What do you do if you find something gross and dirty? Most of us tend to ignore it and try not to cross that sight again. Well, but not everyone looks at the things the way we look at it. Hence, to give us a new perception on looking at things, this team from Japan’s sewerage industry transformed an unpleasant looking thing into something beautiful.

Perfectly illustrated and filled with vibrant colours, these smelly manholes just got upgraded. 

While the designs manage to add the aesthetic element on the plain-looking street, it also serves as an informative guide to the visitors. The design of the guide usually features the place’s history, folklore or specialty goods: a castle design for an ancient town.

1. Every design looks beautiful in its own way.

2. The worker operates electromagnet to collect the metal scraps.

3. The factory set of a manhole manufacturer.

4. The employee Isamu Kamiya draws a beautiful cartoon character.

5.The newly manufactures manholes are being checked in their factory- Otawara, Tochigi

6. Array of manhole design cards

7. The design shows a fire-fighter

8. Workers are preparing to install a new manhole of –“Cute Hello Kitty”.

9. Final installation of the Hello Kitty manhole.

10. Concentric circles rimmed around the manhole in Kawaguchi

Information source: bbc, straitstimes, hindustantimes

All images sourced from hindustantimes

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