This Girl From Manali Becomes The First Female Taxi Driver Of Himachal Pradesh!

Ravina hopes to be an Army officer someday but for now she is contributing to her family’s income

Ravina, Thakur, Female, Taxi Driver, Manali, Himachal's first female taxi driver

While we see everyone talking about gender stereotyping, this girl from Manali audaciously came forward to take up a job that is mostly considered to be ‘male-centric’.

Ravina Thakur is a twenty-year-old girl who had to take up taxi driving as a profession because of the crisis that struck her family. Three years ago, Ravina lost her father and to lend a helping to her family financially, she thought of generating revenue by the means of taking driving as a profession.

The brave girl also manages to pursue her education simultaneously and dreams to serve the country.

Source: news18

I want to join the army and after completing my graduation, will devote all efforts in it. Right now my family needs me and I am happy to support them.

Source: news18

Ravina lives with her mother Shanta Devi and two younger siblings; her mother ran a tea stall in Manali but got demolished due to the four-laning of national highways. Talking about the turbulence her family had to face, she said,

Our financial condition never weakened me and taking up taxi driving has only added to my personality and made me bolder and braver.

Ravina’s dad was also a taxi driver and after his death, the taxi was lying completely unused. She learned to drive from her father and now she owns a commercial driving license. She got the license this year but only after getting trained for three years.

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