Thief Spends A Million Dollar Of Stolen Money On A Game

Now this is why games have in-app purchases.

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What would you do if you get hold of about 5 million dollars? A trip to Las Vegas? By a bungalow? Or perhaps invest somewhere (for those prudent minds). But Kevin Lee Co of Sacramento, California disagrees. This man managed to steal about 4.8 million dollars from his employer over the period of seven years. Out of the total amount, he spent a million dollars on a game called Game of War (a wannabe Age of Empires with in-app purchases).

Now don't let the name fool you. The game has had Kate Upton in its ad and racked up about $400 million in revenue in 2014. The purchases came to light when Co was caught last year. It was revealed that he spent all his money on luxury cars, plastic surgery, and season tickets for the San Francisco 49ers and Sacramento Kings. Clearly, he needs to get his priorities straight.

He is about to get his sentence soon and is expected to serve a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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