Man Kills Wife On Alaskan Cruise Ship Because “She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing”

One of the most bizarre incidents ever reported.

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In one of the most bizarre incident ever reported, a man allegedly killed his wife for… laughing! Yes, you heard that right.

Kenneth and Kristy Manzanares from Utah state of the US were holidaying on Emerald Princess cruise ship near Alaska when this happened. Since the incident happened in US waters, FBI is investigating the case.

A witness, who saw him dragging the victim’s body, has recorded a statement with FBI. In his statement, he said that when he asked Mr. Manzanares what happened, he allegedly said, “She would not stop laughing at me.” According the the witness, the father of three also tried to throw her body overboard.

An FBI spokesperson has reported that other family members were also on the ship but refused to provide more details. The public defender representing the accused has not yet commented on the incident.

Information source: BBC

Title image: dailymail

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