This Man Found The Most Creative Way To Sell His Girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord

The ’96 Honda has 141,095 miles on it, and The Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle is $1,500.

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For sale, used, 21-year-old Honda Accord.

So, if you came across this pain simple advertisement somewhere, would you be interested in buying the car?

“Of course not, who wants to buy a used 21-year-old car!” Yes, we thought the same too. But apparently, if you market it well, people will be dying to buy it.


Los Angeles-based writer and director Max Lanman has created a clever and funny commercial to market his fiancé’s 1996 Honda Accord, and it went viral, gaining more attention than a car like that could ever dream of.

Five days after the 96 Honda Accord, nicknamed “Greenie” went on sale, the bidding had reached $150,000 and the video had reached about 4 million views. eBay then closed the listing due to the  “unusual bidding activity,” thinking that it's a fraud. “Apparently, someone in (eBay’s) fraud department, who was unaware of the ad and story behind it, could not believe that a 1996 Honda Accord was bidding for $150,000, and canceled the auction,” Lanman explained. He was told that eBay could not restore the initial auction, so the pair had to re-list it – which they did.

Meet Greenie

“This was definitely an unexpected turn, but we have faith that everything will work itself out. Overall, we’re just so grateful for all that has happened with the commercial and the story. It’s been truly amazing.”

The ’96 Honda has 141,095 miles on it, and The Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle is $1,500 and the latest bid was $5,600. Now, isn't that great!

And guess what, the internet is loving it too!

Here’s the video.

Feeling like you want that car too??

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