Man Accidently Drives Ambulance Instead Of Car To His Way Home!

The man mistakenly took the vehicle home and got to know about it only when his family inquired about his car.

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We all knowingly and unknowingly commit mistakes, but how weird can it go? Apparently, a man did a mistake that was so bizarre that it left many dumbstruck.

A 30-year-old businessman, Mithil hailing from Palavakkam, South Chennai drove his friend (patient) to a hospital in Nungambakkam, central Chennai in his luxury car.

After admitting him around 1:30 am he left for his place. While going back to his home, the man instead of getting his own car unknowingly drove the hospital’s ambulance.

The incident came to light when the authorities of the hospital found one of the ambulances missing from the parking lot. Soon, the police were informed about the incident.

Source: wikipedia

As there was absolutely no evidence of what would have happened, this weird case kept authorities and police bewildering. The mystery got unveiled only when Mithil’s driver got back the ambulance to the hospital and narrated the entire story of his boss’s mistake.

So far the authorities have not imposed any charges on Mithil as he has returned the ambulance back to the hospital. The only charge they took from Mihir was for the damage of the side-view mirrors of the ambulance. 

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