17 Mosques In Malappuram, Kerala Agree To Having A Single Azan, Once A Day

This decision has been taken following the request of Muslim League supremo Hyderali Thangal in 2015.

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Kerala's Malappuram district will hear the Azan only once on loud speakers every day as the authorities of one of the biggest mosques in Vazhakkad have jointly taken a decision to curb the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers.

The 17 other small mosques have also joined hands and agreed for the single Azan, the call for prayer five times a day. The mosques have also signed an agreement to keep the practice intact.

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Reportedly all the factions of Sunni and Mujahid (Salafi), Jamate Islami and Tableeg Jamath have already stopped the use of loudspeakers from this week.

As per the agreement, only single Azan will be called from the Valiya Juma Masjid, the biggest mosque and the rest of the mosques will continue Azan without loudspeakers.

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Not just Azan, but the mosques have decided to abolish the use of loudspeakers in other religious programs also.

T.P Abdul Azeez, president of the council told Deccan Chronicle, “The decision was in response to the public opinion that indiscriminate use of loudspeakers had a negative effect on nearby schools, merchants and even public meetings of various organisations and that it should be stopped”.

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This design was taken after several discussions, followed by several rounds of deliberations between the factions.

Five members of the panel have also been elected to unify the timing of Azan for all the mosques.

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