World Leaders Including Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau Welcome Malala Yousafzai On Twitter!

Taliban tried to stop her from going to school, but this brave girl is a graduate today.

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Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai completed her high school and joined the microblogging site Twitter on Friday.

This 19-year-old girl from Pakistan is a well-known face of the world. An attack by Taliban, helped her to stood up for the right of education for girls across the world.

The whole world including various global luminaries are in the list of her fans and when she said ‘Hi’ to Twitter within few hours she was flooded with followers.

Leaders like Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates and Canadian president Justin Trudeau congratulated her and sent their best wishes.



The youngest Nobel Peace Laureate in the world, Malala posted a series of messages where she shares her feelings of last day at high school and also called on support for educating more girls worldwide

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When she was boarding her school bus in October 2012, aged 15, Taliban attackers shot her. She was flown to the UK for urgent treatment. It took her months to recover. After recovery, she was attending school in the UK. She also started ‘MalalaFund’ to help girls across the globe in getting education.

Now that she is graduated she took her first step towards the world of social media, using the Twitter handle @Malala. We hope the presence of people like Malala will make social media, a better place!

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