The One Who Taught Us How To Make Our Bank Account Look Like A Phone Number! Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio

One of greatest actors of our time!

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A young chap from Hollywood, started career with soap operas and was later hand-picked by Robert De Niro and eventually touched the heights of stardom with the Oscar Award. It is Leonardo’s birthday today and we are here to share with you the fetishes you always have cherished. Here are a list of roles essayed by DiCaprio whose shoes you would want to fill in.

Here are the characters you and me would like to play:

Jack Dawson - Titanic

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“I figure life’s a gift, and I don’t intend on wasting it”.

Jack, the character that brought girls to tears and taught men how to feel and be the ‘King’ of the world. The character which taught us how to live through hopelessness as well as happiness. I would like to be the courageous Jack who lived the words - if you got nothing, you got nothing to lose!

Jay Gatsby - The Great Gatsby

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“My life, my life has to be like this. It has to keep going up”.

Jay, the one who fantasises about the mysteries of time! The only dream - to recapture the past! A life with many stories worth narration I would like to live, the journey from rags to riches and the struggle worth being a part of. And what more interesting than guarding those secrets of the broken heart!

Dominic Cobb - Inception

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The spinning top and the realms of dreams. I would like to be the extractor! The one who explores dreams, steals secrets and ideas from the sub-conscious, Cobb the mastermind of Inception. The longing to return to his kids, the trauma of losing his  beloved wife and yet the will to fight, Cobb is exactly the hero every person would want to be.

Frank Abagnale Jr - Catch Me If You Can

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The imposter, check forger and the prankster. Just the kick you wish for in life!  Escaping the police, assuming identities and further becoming a security consultant! Who wouldn’t want the life of this character essayed by Leo.

“Dear Dad, you always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear, so I am trying not to be afraid”.

Jordan Belfort - Wolf Of Wall Street

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“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”.

Jordan, the character played by Leo, is inspired from a real life Jordan Belfort. The journey of a stockbroker to now an author and motivational speaker was also inclusive of pleading guilty to the fraud committed by him and his subordinates. Anyone would want to be Jordan and rule the stock market, read people’s mind and in the greed commit a crime or two, learn a few lessons and obviously deliver a blockbuster!

Hugh Glass - The Revenant

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“ The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots”

Inspired from the real life story of Hugh Glass, the character taught the intensity of the will to make it through. For empty words don’t last long, you would want to be Glass to explore your nerves to fight the odds and if you emerge victorious you end up winning The Oscar (the battle to survive and win the award fought by Leo).

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