"Main Apni Favourite Hoon!": 7 Silver Screen Mirror Images Of Our Kaminay Friends!

The connecting factor with our beloved Bollywood movies is that we see and relate our Biddus to the characters. Here are 7 types of common friendS.

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The connecting factor with our beloved Bollywood movies is that we see and relate our Biddus to the characters. Here are 7 types of common friends that we also find on the silver screen.

1. The Google friend:

Knowledge ranging from the budget to the stuffing in the sandwich, this guy kinda “knows it all”. Thanks to this Google dost, life has access to living-breathing search engine.

2. The NRI with an accent:

Thanks to American sitcoms, we have a back-up when it comes to showing off our classy tastes. Our just-off-the-plane NRI friend can fake many accents, ranging from Rachel Green to Rachel Zane!

3. The selfie-obsessed friend:

Be it boring classes or fun filled hangouts , every place and time is an opportunity to update Instagram posts and Whatsapp profiles for this Miss Selfie! Thanks to this gal pal you always have a good DP for yourself #clickclick #funwidfellas #me!

4. The saas, bahu and saazish sakhi:

From college linkups, teacher’s nickname to the turnover of your college canteen, this Miss Aaj Tak has every update. It is all a matter of GK after all. And all thanks to her, you know what your crush is upto! #gossipmonger

5. Mr Funny Bone:

On his shoulders lie the huge responsibility of keeping the laughter quotient high in the circle. The range of jokes may start from the “classic phata”, attaining LMAO levels, and kudos to him, the day does not seem long and boring!

6. The social butterfly:

The parking gang, canteen katta gang, debate club , staff room and party gang- this Little Miss Sunshine knows everybody! Thanks to her we get to expand our circles too! #houseparty@9

7. The Mogambo laughter biddu:

If your group of friends are untraceable this person’s laughter is all you need to track them down. His monster laughter can give you a call from miles away. Thanks to him, you appreciate silence! #Bwahahaha!

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