Judge Asks Women To Be “Careful” On WhatsApp: Let Us Tell You Why It’s Wrong

Here’s a little exercise. Go to Google and search for the following: “Women On WhatsApp”.This is the rotten core of the society we’re all proud parts.

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Here’s a little exercise. Go to Google and search for the following: “Women On WhatsApp”.

The results on the first page will be one of the following: “finding women on WhatsApp”, “impressing women on WhatsApp”, “free numbers of women on WhatsApp”, “women hot images free on WhatsApp”, and the likes. Not one; and mind you I did go on to the second page i.e. the Chamber of Secrets nobody ever visits anymore; the result would tell you that stalking women on WhatsApp or copying their display pictures is simply wrong, let alone illegal.

This is the rotten core of the society we’re all proud parts of where the mere request of privacy on a woman’s part is considered subversive, because “Damn, woman! You ain’t got no right to decency”.

Source: dailymail

Something similar happened recently when on 22nd June, a judge at the Madras High Court rejected the anticipatory bail application of a man accused of abducting and raping a minor girl, and then threatening to post what a news report called “obscene” images of her on WhatsApp.

The judge then decided it was time for him to play the voice of reason and suggested that, “WhatsApp users, especially women, need to be careful before placing a picture as their profile photo and while sharing their pictures with their friends or other WhatsApp Groups, as prevention is better than cure.”

Source: newsnation

Here’s why the Honourable Judge’s suggestion/mandate/holy word is fallacious. It is wrong.

To suggest that “especially women” should be careful about the pictures they put up, among other things they do on social media, simply absolves men who copy every picture of every woman they know and guess what? It is “exclusively men” who do it. Surprised? No? I guess not!

Regardless of what the judge thinks or believes in, we sincerely request you to implore men around you to be a little more respectful towards women. And yes, that also includes their conduct on social media.

You can read the full report here.

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