Madhya Pradesh Students To Answer Roll Call With ‘Jai Hind’

The latest announcement came after a similar proposal was suggested for the city of Satna in September.

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-Roll number 1?

-Jai Hind!

-Roll number 2?

-Jai Hind!

Don’t be surprised, if you are in Madhya Pradesh, you might want to get used to this “patriotic” way of having a roll call.

Madhya Pradesh education minister, yesterday announced that students will answer the roll call by saying ‘Jai Hind’ instead of ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ or ‘Present, Sir’.

Shah believes that the new order will help instill a sense of national pride within the students.

"From now in government schools during attendance call, students will reply with "Jai Hind" instead of "Yes sir" or "Yes Madam". This will instill a sense of patriotism among the youth. I don't think anyone will have an objection to it," he said, according to ANI reports.

The latest announcement came after a similar proposal was suggested for the city of Satna in September. The minister had hinted that if the initiative receives a positive response it will be implemented in the entire state.

"For now, this is just a suggestion (for private schools in Satna); we hope they'll adhere to it since it relates to patriotism. Will take permission from CM (chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan) if experiment turns successful, and would like to implement it in entire MP," Shah told ANI.

Of late, the BJP-led state government has been trying to introduce measures to promote nationalism in various state institutes.

In October, the municipal corporation of the state capital, Bhopal Municipal Corporation, taking a cue from the civic body in Jaipur, had suggested playing the national anthem at the start of every day and the national song in the evening at its headquarters.

Yes, that is exactly how patriotism works. Well done Madhya Pradesh!

Until more such smart solutions are announced, Jai Hind!

Information source: huffingtonpost

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