Lucie Majerus: A Designer Creating Jewelry From Your Own Teeth!

“Surprisingly, most people aren’t creeped out by the sight of the jewelry, but really like the idea.”

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Ivory jewelry is common and has an irreplaceable place in people's hearts. But imagine having a ring or a pair of earrings made from your own teeth! Ivory Poaching has reached a level where certain practices are bound to end and so Lucie came up with this idea thinking, “what if we mine our own ivory and turn it into pearls?”

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Lucie Majerus first got the idea for her “human ivory” collection after having her wisdom teeth removed. She kept them and soon realized they would make a great material for statement jewelry collection.

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To turn human teeth into appealing pieces of jewelry, Lucie Majerus first bleaches them, and then uses a stone polishing machine to shape the teeth into various shapes. Majerus showcased her human ivory jewelry collection at this year’s Dutch Design Week, and claims that people’s reaction was mostly positive. “Surprisingly, most people aren’t creeped out by the sight of the jewelry, but really like the idea,” Majerus told FastCo Design.

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“Some regret that they didn’t keep their tooth at the dentist and some, who will have teeth taken out soon, are now looking forward to it.” And with human teeth that were outgrown being of no use, there is not even a slight scope for cruelty; in fact, it could be a way of commemorating the memories. Isn’t it??

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