Louisa Ball and Nicole Deliene: The Real Life Sleeping Beauties of the World!!

Some say fairytales cannot be true but in real life we actually have two girls who although don’t sleep for 100 years still have created quite a record.

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Disney told us about the Sleeping beauty that slept for more than 100 years until a prince came and broke the curse of sleeping beauty. Some say fairytales cannot be true but in real life we actually have two girls who although don’t sleep for 100 years still have created quite a record. One of them slept for 64 days while the other for 1 week. These girls are known for sleepiness all over the world, so let’s see what all they are missing or rather what are we missing?

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Meet Louisa Ball, the sleeping beauty without a prince charming who sleeps for two weeks at a time.

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Other sleeping beauty is Nicole, 20, as she suffers from a condition where she falls asleep and can't wake up. One episode saw her sleep for 64 days straight.

Wonder how they can sleep so much? Well the answer is that the girls have been diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. The syndrome became famous when first Nicole Deliene came to know about it and she was the victim when she was merely six and half years old. All her life Nicole started giving workshops about the Syndrome and made people aware about it.

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Born in 1995, the American girl lives in North Fayette, Pennsylvania and one of about 1000 people in the whole world who are affected by this syndrome. Nicole sleeps for 18- 19 hours a day and her longest span of sleeping was 64 days without water and food in the year 2012.

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When Nicole was 6, she experienced her first sleep. It took 25 months to get a diagnosis for her 'sleeping spells', which usually start with Nicole getting a headache and feeling lethargic.

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The other famous girl is Louisa. She lives in lives in Worthing and sleeps for weeks since she also suffers from this rare disorder of KLS. When Louisa was taken to the hospital the doctor claimed that it may be hormonal but by that time she used to sleep for 22 hours a day. All her parents did was to wake her for food and toilet and Louisa used to go back to sleep again. She missed her school, dance classes and even one week family vacations where she is just sleeping.

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KLS is a rare form of periodic hypersomnia, where sufferers have periods of prolonged sleep. Doctors don’t know what causes it, although it is thought it may be related to malfunction of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that governs appetite and sleep. The syndrome is said to be more common in males than females.

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The condition is named after Willi Kleine and Max Levin, who described cases of the disease in the early 20th century. It was added to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders in 1990. Usually the patients are very lethargic and feel tired all the time. It has been classified as a neurological disorder. The strangest fact is that the syndrome is seen as genetical for Jews because of their environment or body conditions. A trial conducted for the syndrome concluded that, "No evidence indicates that pharmacological treatment for Kleine-Levin syndrome is effective and safe". So doctors are still working on the medications.

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So it seems that even if it's our beloved sleep, too much of it can be disastrous!

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