With No Pictures Of Her Puppy, This Girl Drew His Face For The Lost Poster & Found Him Back

This was the best thing she could do at her age and the result she bore was really fruitful.

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Sol, a cute little girl applied a very adorable strategy to get her lost pet puppy back.

She adopted the puppy- Morgan in May 2016. Unfortunately, one day the puppy got lost and in an urge to get him back she searched every nook and corner of her town.

After miserably failing to spot him, she thought of making an advertisement of her lost puppy. Her mom, Mora told The Dodo,

She cried when I told her Morgan was missing, she started making the posters that night.

Since she didn’t have any photograph of him, she literally drew his picture on a piece of paper and promised to reward chocolate in return.

How sweet is that!

In the poster she mentioned that, Morgan is her "best friend" and expects a safe return of him.

Since the family didn’t have much money to spare, her mom said,

She bought it with her own money that she saved

Her hopes didn’t go to despair; the cute posters that she made gained so much of popularity that even the social media sites made this adorable search go viral.

And one fine day, one woman called to say that she thought she had found this puppy and wanted to meet the family for confirmation!

Mora said,

When we went to the point where we agreed, So l saw the dog and shouted to him, 'Morgan!'


The dog jumped out of the woman's arms and went running to Sol. The lady realized that it was the dog we were looking for.

Such a sweet reunion!


All images sourced from thedodo.

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