Australian TV Commercial Irks Hindu Council As It Shows Lord Ganesha Endorsing Meat

The ad film closes on a note when all the Gods toast to uniting over lamb meat.

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Just when we thought our beloved elephant deity, Ganesh’s stay has ended, we’ve now got the aftermath of a new commercial creating a buzz and how!

In case you haven’t seen it already, we’re talking about the new Australian TV commercial doing rounds. The commercial is a classic dining table conversation amongst the Supremes of every religion viz. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. The ad makes an attempt to unite all the religion over ‘lamb meat’. Creativity is displayed at its best when instances of Jesus converting wine into water or Aphrodite getting immense ‘love’, are shown as a part of it.

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It is however, the end of the commercial, which has troubled the Hindu Council of Australia. The ad film closes on a note when all the Gods toast to uniting over lamb meat. The council is infuriated about a Hindu God promoting meat consumption which is strictly against the religious diktats. 

Oh, the controversy doesn’t end here. The religious council is also upset about Lord Ganesha being directed as, 'Let's address the elephant in the room?', to which he replies 'Not funny two-and-a-half thousand years ago, not funny now.” The controversy should have died down when another deity says, ‘Let’s not get into religion at the table', but in vain.

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People, not just of Hindu faith but also of other religions who don’t endorse the practice of eating meat, have found this ad to be distasteful and insensitive.

A statement was issued by the Hindu Council of Australia saying that the ad is a “crude and deplorable comment." It also said, “Ganesha celebrations are happening for last 10 days around the world and it’s a special period for Hindu community in Australia. MLA has tried to stir the controversy by using religious theme and using religious icons to gain the attention.” The council has called for the removal of “unnecessary promotion”.

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Author’s opinion:

Despite the controversy surrounding it, if one watches the ad with an utmost liberal view, it is a brilliant take on religions across the world uniting over food, simply. Yes, consumption of meat is prohibited in quite some religions, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s just food. Come to think of replacing the lamb with pancakes, the vegetarians would find it distasteful. Had it been veggies and fruits, the vegans would be the ones protesting and so on. Sometimes, overlooking the nitty-gritty is the best to understand a message in its best intentions.

Watch the ad and decide for yourself.

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