Look What You Broke! 20 Creative 404 Pages From Around The Net

Error pages don't have to be super-boring, as demonstrated by these websites that put in the effort.

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Error pages, whether you're looking for something serious or just pretending to work while at your office, are rather annoying. But some creative websites go the extra mile to stand out even in this Timbuktoo of web design.

Check out some witty examples of 'Page Not Found' pages from the interwebs:

1. Scoopwhoop

Source: Quora

2. Magnt

Source: Quora

3. Bluegg

Source: inzonedesign

This goat actually yells too!

4. NPR

Source: Creativebloq

AKA everything considered "lost" till date.

5. CSSTricks

Source: Csstricks

6. Flipping Book

Source: Hover

7. Late Late Gifts

Source: Hongkiat

8. Rush68

Source: Rush68

9. South Park

Source: Southpark

10. Lark News

Source: Larknews

11. Bored Panda

Source: Snugsocial

12. Worrydream

Source: Pinterest

13. Blizzard Entertainment

Source: Hover

14. Lego

Source: Thenextweb

15. Huwshimi

Source: Huwshimi

16. Github

Source: Github

Psst! This is interactive too!

17. Heinz

Source: sellfy

18. Mint

Source: pinterest

19. Dribble

Source: croud

20. Adham Dannaway

Source: pinterest

Title image: zurb


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