Here's A Look At The World's Longest Glass-Only Bridge!

Looks like glass bridges has now become a thing and not just a thrill of the Chinese people.

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A 1,601ft (487m) long, a glass-bottomed bridge has been opened in China. Known to be the longest bridge in the world, it is 191ft, i.e. 58m longer than the bridge that held the record earlier. Funny enough, both the bridges are in China!

The bridge is a link between two cliffs in the Hebei Province’s Hongyagu Scenic Area. The height of the bridge is 755ft i.e. 230m, more or less the same height as a 66-storey building! Chilling.

Inaugurated on Christmas eve, the bridge was made to accommodate a couple of people walking side-by-side and hence was made 6.5ft wide.

According to People’s Daily Online who cited China Daily, approximately 1,077 glass panels have been used to floor the walkway. Each panel is 1.5 inches (3.81cm) thick. Even though it sounds thin, try not to remember this while on the bridge.

 Source: nypost

As if walking on the bridge isn’t thrilling and scary at the same time, the authorities have also included an adrenaline-rush factor to it called ‘swaying sensation’. Yes, that’s exactly what you’re imagining!

The company behind the construction of the bridge, Hebei Bailu Group informed the local media that the swinging sensation could add into the tourists’ experience as they enjoy the scenery around them. As if a 755ft drop of the swing like bridge wasn’t enough!

Positioned amidst the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province of southern China was the previous record-holder bridge. With people coming to walk through this bridge was in abundance almost every day, concerns with respect to the safety were starting to show. The bridge then had to close down within 13 days of its opening due to the crowd.

Another massive bridge in China has the glass walkway but a part of which actually broke. One of the glass panes had suddenly shattered, leaving the people on the side of 3,540ft (1,078m) high cliff, scared AF!

 Source: cnn

Looks like glass bridges has now become a thing for the Chinese people.

Information source: ladbible

Title image source: nfonline

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