In Order To Raise Money For Endangered Tigers, London Zoo Staff Worked Without Clothes

The event is named Streak For Tigers 2017 and will be conducted at ZSL London Zoo on August 13th, 2017.

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People come up with some really quirky ideas while fund-raising and other social services, but a totally out of the world idea popped out of these zoo staff member’s minds, when they all went naked in order to raise money for Sumatran tigers- a rare tiger subspecies.

Streak for Tigers takes its name from the name for a group of Sumatran tigers – a ‘streak’ – with London Zoo using the naked run, or "streak" to raise money and awareness.

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Following is the statement written on the London Zoo website:

Money raised will be instrumental in enabling our committed and expert teams on the ground to continue doing what they do best – working to save tigers.

Funds from previous Streak for Tigers events have already had a huge impact on ZSL’s tiger conservation work by helping to purchase camera traps, which have been used to monitor evidence of breeding and tiger populations.

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On 13th August Andy Davison, Cat Cheyne, Grant Kother and Tina Campanella- the keepers will be seen running through the zoo completely naked, in order to create awareness at the charity’s ‘Streak For Tigers’ event.

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Information source: unilad

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